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Walt Disney World Introduces Date-Based Variable Pricing For Genie+

As we predicted, Walt Disney World have followed Disneyland, and has now introduced date-based variable pricing for the Disney Genie+ service.

The lowest prices still begin at $15 but will vary up to $22 per person, per day depending on the day. Genie+ can only be purchased on the day of your visit, and Disney recommends checking the My Disney Experience app for the current pricing.

Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle

Here's the latest from Disney:

Disney Genie+ service continues to be very popular among our guests. As we continue to manage the strong demand we are seeing for this service, we are introducing variable pricing for Disney Genie+, beginning Tuesday, Oct. 11.

At Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Genie+ will also vary in price based on the date a guest is visiting. Similar to theme park tickets, throughout the year, prices may be lower on less busy days and higher during peak periods like Thanksgiving and Christmas. For example, now through the end of October, prices will be $15 per Guest, per day on less busy dates, $22 on some of our busier dates, and somewhere in between on other dates (plus tax; prices subject to change beyond October). As a reminder, single-day purchases of Disney Genie+ at Walt Disney World Resort are only available directly through the My Disney Experience app on the guest’s date of visit.


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