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Severe Weather to bring Heavy Rain and Gusty Winds to Orlando this weekend

A significant storm looks likely to bring gusty winds, heavy rain, and the possibilities of flooding and tornadoes to Central Florida this weekend, with the storm threatening many holiday events planned for this weekend.

A significant storm is likely to affect your outdoor weekend plans here in Orlando as a strong, non-tropical area of low pressure threatens to bring heavy rains, gusty winds, flooding, and the chance of tornadoes.

The worst of the weather is forcast to sweep into Central Florida late Saturday into Sunday.

Today, Friday, December 15, we can expect cloudy skies with temperatures maxing out in the mid-70s, then as today progresses we should expect increasingly gusty winds, and even a few isolated showers.

Saturday will see winds ramp up throughout the day, with gusts reaching 25 - 35 mph. then Saturday evening into Sunday the wind will really increase, with gusts of over 40 mph forecast. Along the west and east coasts of Florida, gusts could be nearer 55-60 mph at their peak.

As for rain, Saturday will see a few showers possible through the late afternoon, but come Saturday evening, downpours, and storms move in from the south. Expect it to be very wet everywhere from Saturday night and Sunday morning to midday. Expect between 1" and 4" of rain, with a few isolated areas receiving over 4" of rain, bringing the threat of flooding.

As this storm deveolps we will be bringing you the latest news on the storm, and any weekend event cancelations, with outdoor holiday events particulary at risk.

Stay safe, and make sure your outdoor Christmas Decorations and Holiday Lights are secure!

For the latest news and events from throughout Orlando and Central Florida, check back often here at Gotta Go Orlando as we keep you updated throughout the day, every day.

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