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Rumor: Is Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park Closing AGAIN In February?

As crazy as it sounds, rumors are swirling the kingdom that yet again Walt Disney World is going to rotate its water parks in February, with Disney's Typhoon Lagoon reopening in February, at the same time as Blizzard Beach closes once again after only three months reopened!

Could it be true?

Walt Disney World Typhoon Lagoon Blizzard Beach

Walt Disney World's water parks have been impacted ever since the COVID closure in 2020, with only one water park operating at a time since reopening.

Disney's Blizzard Beach initially reopened on March 7th 2021, after a near year-long closure due to the pandemic. Blizzard Beach then closed on January 3rd 2022, with Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park reopening after a near two-year closure due to the pandemic.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon then closed again back on November 13 to begin annual winter maintenance, with the long time shuttered Blizzard Beach reopening to guests the following day, November 14.

The park reopened after its multi month closure with new additions including cute new Frozen theming in the Tike’s Peak kids’ area.

Walt Disney World  Blizzard Beach

It was expected that when Typhoon Lagoon reopens in the Spring of next year, that both water parks would remain open for the first time together since before the pandemic, however, this may not be the case.

It's rumoured that the maintenance team at Walt Disney World have been given a date of February 11 to have Disney's Typhoon Lagoon ready to reopen and it appears that Blizzard Beach is expected to close at the same time!

While this is only a rumor, and no reason is know why Disney is not opening its two water parks at the same time, but a previous rumor said that Disney is planning to alternate the water parks every six months, and this would make sense considering Disney's current financial constraints, however, its only three months not six!

Could the reason be staffing, Walt Disney World continues to struggle (like many companies) to find cast members, or, does Disney have serious maintenance issues with Blizzard Beach that need more attention, or could the park be in line for new additions that require further downtime for the park?

Whatever the reason, closing a water park after only three months of being reopened seems crazy, only time will tell if this rumour is true or not.

Walt Disney World Blizzard Beach


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