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Permits to be "filed soon," signaling start of massive "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain' expansion at Magic Kingdom

Exciting news coming from Disney, as it looks like work could be about to start on the huge new "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain' expansion coming to Magic Kingdom.

Permits to be filed soon, signaling start of massive "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain' expansion at Magic Kingdom

Today, Thursday, April 4, 2024 is an exciting day to be a War Disney World fan, with lots of news emerging on future expansions, already today Disney Imagineering have shared video of the new animatronics coming to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure this summer at Magic Kingdom, plus we have seen a first look at a never-before-seen model of the huge new "Tropical Americas" project featuring Encanto and Indiana Jones that is planned for Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Now, news has emerged that Walt Disney World is in the process of filing permits for the huge new "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain" expansion that is planned for Magic Kingdom.

According to a report from Scott Gustin on X, Walt Disney World is in the process of filing permits for the massive new development behind Magic Kingdom, in order to ready the area for what will be the largest ever expansion at Magic Kingdom.

Scott explained that during a Walt Disney Imagineering showcase earlier this week, Imagineers confirmed Disney will file water management permits in the next few weeks - marking the start of finding out what’s “Beyond Big Thunder.”

Michael Hundgen, VP, Walt Disney World Portfolio at Walt Disney Imagineering, showed Scott an early look at the permit and said it will be officially filed in the coming weeks.

News of the "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain" expansion was first shared at the D23 event in Walt Disney World last September .

Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro took the stage with Bruce Vaughn, chief creative officer of Walt Disney Imagineering to share a special blue sky look at what they described as the "Beyond Big Thunder Mountain" expansion planned for Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Vaughn explained that the current expansion being planned for Magic Kingdom will be similar in scope to Pandora — The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and will be the biggest expansion in Magic Kingdom history.

While not giving away any specifics of the expansion, Vaughn said, "There's a lot of room to play with around there. And we're looking at the possibility of adding new attractions, restaurants shows you dream it we're thinking about it. And like I said, the ideas are looking really great."

Josh D’Amaro shared that "There's still a long way to go. But I just want all of our fans to know that we are about to go into overdrive at the Magic Kingdom. And I am looking forward to spending more time with your team as we keep refining these ideas to create something really special that every single person in here is going to love."

New Magic Kingdom Expansion to be LARGEST EVER FOR PARK, similar to Pandora & Galaxy’s Edge!

The first look at the expansion included many “Blue Sky” ideas, including lands themed to Pixar’s Coco, Encanto, and a Disney Villains land, of course since then, Encanto has been included in the new Tropical Americas expansion coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, together with Indiana Jones, so it will be interesting to see what Disney have decided to include in this new expansion.

Are you excited for this new project? Will this massive new expansion at Magic Kingdom be enough to counter the new Epic Universe Theme Park opening in 2025? Let us know, it will be certainly be interesting to watch as the Orlando Theme Park landscape evolves in the next few years.

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