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Listen up Orlando Ravers - Strange Desert EDM Festival: Electronic Railroad is rolling into town!

Get ready for a cute, wild west themed EDM Festival with more than a hint of the strange coming to Orlando Amphitheater at the Central Florida Showgrounds on Saturday, April 29, 2023.

Quantum Morphology EDM presents Strange Desert EDM Festival: Electronic Railroad, a festival that organisers are describing as a regional electronic music festival supporting newer DJs and regionals with a deep dedication to electronic music.

The event has been created for festival lovers and EDM Ravers that just want to come out and enjoy love, friendship, peace, music, and dance, a place where you can vibe out, shuffle, dance, and rave to hot electronic music spread across House, Techno, Bass, and more at 3 Stages with 2 mini add-ons!

Strange Desert EDM Festival: Electronic Railroad Orlando

The idea is that the Main Stage is a station junction between various worlds of talent, genre, and different types of music and art, and rather than focusing on large-scale visuals and headliners, this event is focusing being a true and real EDM Rave!

Organizers say "It is, also, building something at a lower cost to give attendees more freedom and less stress about going out. It's about fun. This is the first year of its development and the Quantum team is grateful for festival lovers that just want to have that fun.”

Tickets right now are only $33.48 in advance, and you can buy your tickets now!

Strange Desert EDM Festival: Electronic Railroad Orlando

As the festival has a wild west-theme with vibes from outer space, artificial intelligence, organisers are saying the dress influence (optional) for the festival is:

Travlers, Aliens, AI, Space Cadets, Cowboys + Cowgirls: Western World + Wild Moo Moo slacks! EDM festival attire, raveware, electronic neon wild west boots, hats, or just general festival/EDM attire - make it cute, ravers! (no Native American headdresses or regalia).

The gates open at 4 pm with a regional lineup taking the main stage, Blue Ridge Mountain Station.

Strange Desert EDM Festival: Electronic Railroad Orlando

There will be vendor tents with concessions for food, and drinks available (21+ for alcohol). General vendors, artists, music vendors, and other sponsored booths such as a 360-photo station, among various other local businesses all set in the Strange Frontier.

The second stage is the Outlaw Stage, a full-out space indoors near the Blue Ridge Stage for Bassheads, Dubs, and some DnB. This is for the brave, Rave Cowboys + Cowgirls with a dark appetite for Bass.

Strange Desert EDM Festival: Electronic Railroad Orlando

Antique Records will be presenting the Jackalope Prairie Stage this year, for House Music Lovers, with over 8+ DJs - plenty of local talent, promoters, and love and support for awesome dance music in relationship with Gus Gudno.

Strange Desert EDM Festival: Electronic Railroad Orlando

*Rave Bus will be stopping in with extra DJs, sponsored by Maestro Energy for extra vibes and more talent.

Strange Desert EDM Festival: Electronic Railroad Orlando

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