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Start Packing!

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Pack Like A Pro ​

We all start packing for our vacation with good intentions and then suddenly we've packed everything we own, including the kitchen sink, then when the vacation is over and we're unpacking, we realise most items never saw the light of day. 

So, first things first, consider how you’ll be spending your time and make a list of outfits.

Oh and believe it or not, Florida is not hot all year, January and February can be a little chilly, and although we're The Sunshine State, we do get rain, especially in the summer during storm season!


So, when planning your Florida packing list, there are a few essentials, no matter what time of year you're visiting  or whatever your planning on doing, these are... proper sun protection, comfortable shoes and pack light clothing and a lightweight rain jacket.

Of course, its so hard to ever get vacation packing right, but with all the outlets in Orlando, if you forget something its a great excuse to shop.


SO, are you ready? On your marks, get set, pack!

Keep Your Documents Close

Your passport is your golden ticket, so keep it somewhere safe, but don't forget where you put it!

If your travelling from abroad you may also need a visitor visa, as well as another valid form of ID.

If you’ve reserved hotels, rental cars, or excursions, it’s useful to keep copies of these reservations,

as well as copies of your travel documents.


Bring On the Carry On

Keep your documents together in a wallet safely located inside a zippered pocket of your carry on, include Passport, Tickets and Travel documents, DrivinLicense and Travel Insurance documents.

Remember your essential prescription medication plus a strip of headache pills and any allergy meds.

For comfort bring socks or slippers, an inflatable neck rest and a sleep mask.


Wear your jeans to save weight in your hold case, pack a pair of comfy leggings, an extra t-shirt and a hoodie to keep you comfortable during the flight.

Folding toothbrush, mini toothpaste, roll-on deo, pock-sized wipes and hand sanitizer to stay fresh.

Utilize your tablet or phone and download some music, books, apps, podcasts, movies and games.

Headphones, most airlines provide earphones but they can become uncomfortable over long periods.

A power bank will keep your electronics functioning, so bring your charger cables on board and you won’t have to worry about being precious with battery life.

Snacks, a few bits to nibble on will stave off hunger!

packing for vacation

Hold On And Be Hold Luggage Smart

Take a deep breath and and let's get started, you don't want to be sitting on the case to get it closed! 

You’d also be surprised with the space you can gain by rolling your clothes instead of folding them, anything more dressy should be placed flat on top.

Consider purchasing a few vacuum compression bags, they save a huge amount of space and can be useful for storing laundry in for the return journey.

What To Pack

Lightweight clothes are best for Florida particularly if you are exploring lots of parks.

Only take one pair of jeans, Florida is hot and humid so you will only need them occasionally in at night, wear them to the airport to save weight in your case.


Comfortable flat shoes for your park trips as you'll be doing a lot of walking, pack your socks inside them to save a little space and it helps keep their shape!


Have a second pair of flats for the journey, your feet will thank you for the change of footwear every day.


Don't forget flip-flops, perfect for Sunny Florida.

Take lots of tops but fewer bottoms, you only need to dress up if you are heading somewhere special. Florida is wonderful if you like low key dress-code.

If travelling from abroad, remembere to bring an international adapter with a USB slot.

Pack a small medical kit, pretty much everything, aside from your personal meds will be available.

Leave a little space for a few purchases, you'll defnitelywant to bring a few souvenirs back!

Those Florida Extras

Remember don't forget the sunscreen, no matter what time of year your visiting us, pack SPF-50!!

Sunglasses are essential too and you should consider rain ponchos for the rainy days too, plus a waterproof phone case is a good idea.

Insulated water bottles are great, as are mesh beach bags, beach blankets and towels for the beach.

Remember, if you forget to pack anything you'll be able to purchase it when you arrive.


Once you master these packing tips, vacation prep will be so easy, sorted!

planes at Orlando International Airport
Blue Skies


  • Passport, and visa if required

  • Driver’s license and/or photo IDs

  • Boarding pass

  • Confirmation receipts: printed/electronic

  • Emergency documents

  • Wallet, cash and credit cards

  • Cell phone, charger, power banks

  • Glasses

Travel Health

  • Any personal prescriptions

  • Pain and fever relievers

  • Sunscreen

  • First aid kit



  • Laptop

  • Camera

  • All chargers and cables

  • Adapters and converters


Travel comfort

  • Neck pillow

  • Water bottle

  • Lip balm

  • Eye mask

  • Change of clothes


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Body wash and soap

  • Lotion

  • Shampoo and conditioner

  • Feminine hygiene products

  • Hairbrush/comb

  • Extra contacts



  • Casual clothes (shirts, tops, jeans, khakis)

  • Activewear (shorts, t-shirts)

  • Outerwear (jackets, sweaters)

  • Pajamas/loungewear

  • Underwear

  • Socks

  • Bras

  • Dresses/skirts

  • Tights



  • Tennis shoes

  • Dress shoes/heels


Absolute Essentials

  • Sandals, flip flops

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Swimsuit

Blue Skies

Things To Bring Into The Parks



To enjoy Orlando's theme parks with a little less stress make sure you’ve got everything you need. You’re going to be in the parks all day and you don’t want to have to go back to the hotel for anything left behind.

Here we’ve put together a handy packing guide of all the theme park essentials you'll need.



Firstly, the parks are fine with you wearing a full sized backpack, just remember it will be checked at the entrance to each theme park for security reasons.


One bag will be enough for a few people, and taking turns carrying it is a great option if your in a group.


Bring a full sized backpack as it’s better to have a larger bag than to cram a lot into a smaller bag.

Park Tickets

Your tickets, or Magic Band for Disney Parks is an obvious one, don't forget your tickets, or it's no fun!

Comfortable Shoes

Your going to be walking for miles so comfortable shoes that have been worn several times already are an absolute must for a day in the parks.

A spare pair of socks wouldn’t be a bad idea too, especially if you get caught in a downpour. 


If you  take medication during the day, don’t forget to bring it with you, all the theme parks have a

first aid center and will provide you with medical attention should it be necessary.


The first aid center will also store your medication for you if it requires refrigeration!



Bringing basic first aid supplies, like band-aids, will help keep everyone in your family moving.


Camera Or Camera Phone

Of course, don't forget to capture those theme park memories when your busy having fun all day!

Phone Charger Or Backup Battery

There are places in the parks where you can charge your electronics so bring your charger with you!


You can also purchase FuelRod's in the parks, especially if you plan to use your phone for using park apps or taking lots of pictures.

Ziploc Bags

They’re perfect for stowing electronics, medication, and other water sensitive items if you get caught in  a rainstorm or are enjoying a water ride.


Water Bottle

Don’t forget to keep hydrated in the parks!


Bring your own water bottle so that you can fill at a fountain, or, if you crave something other than water, fill a regular water bottle at the fountain and try using Crystal Light packets or other flavoring agents.


Bring some snacks in your backpack!


You will be doing a lot of walking, and having small snacks once in a while will keep you energized.


Wipes work wonders, from cleaning up sticky hands after ice cream to just feeling a little more refreshed after walking around the park in the hot weather.



Yes, of course you can buy ponchos in the parks, but we recommend bringingng a few 'single use' ponchos and bringing them with you, they are held in tiny packets and are very cheap to purchase.



Bring it with you, because there’s a good chance you'll either forget to put it on, miss a spot, or need to reapply, sunburn can seriously ruin a vacation.



Unless it’s mid summer, iit can get quite chilly in the parks at night, so bring a sweatshirt with you.

So there you have it, a few tips and tricks in your backpack to make your trip even more magical!

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