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Bob Where's Our Trams? More Parking Lot Trams At Disney World Not Coming Back Any Time Soon

Earlier this year Walt Disney World proclaimed that the parking lot trams at all four Walt Disney World theme parks would be back in 2022, sounds awesome, right?

Yeah, if it was to happen, but nope, so far they’ve only brought back trams to Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, poor old Hollywood Studios and EPCOT!

Plus now, Walt Disney World have removed mention of its courtesy parking lot trams from its website as the deadline to bring back trams nears.

parking lot trams Walt Disney World theme parks

The message on the World Disney World website that has now vanished stated that:

Courtesy trams have returned to Magic Kingdom park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, and they’ll return to other Walt Disney World theme parks throughout 2022. Where available, this convenient mode of transportation will whisk Guests from the theme park’s parking lot to its Main Entrance and back.

Well, the clock is counting down to the end of 2022, and it looks like Disney is quietly sweeping under the carpet its promise to resume full tram service before the end of 2022.

parking lot trams Walt Disney World theme parks


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