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As vinyl sales soar - You can buy a second-hand record store in Central Florida for under 50K!

If you love vinyl, Sounds Great Recycled Music located in Winter Park is on the market and it can be yours for $45,000

 Sounds Great Recycled Music located in Winter Park

Hot on the heels of Record Store Day on Saturday, April 20, you can now go one step further than buying a record, and purchase an entire record store right here in Central Florida!

Though they were once thought replaced by digital formats, and despite the popularity of music streaming services, in the last few years, vinyl records have made a major comeback.

Vinyl is the format that refused to die, and whether its a nostalgia thing, or that the younger generation have discovered that vinyl is cool, there is no denying that the format has seen a resurgence in popularity. Sales of vinyl records rose 10% in 2023 to $1.4 billion – the format's 17th consecutive year of growth, according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

 Sounds Great Recycled Music located in Winter Park

And with that interesting piece of information, it might excite you to know that Sounds Great Recycled Music located within the Orange Tree Antiques Mall in Winter Park is currently on the market and it can be yours for $45,000

After almost 25 years at the same location (30 years in the Orlando/Winter Park area). the businesses owner, Dan has decided to pass the torch and is offering the well established and profitable record business for sale.

In a recent post on Facebook, Dan explained that you will get over $200,000 (retail price) worth of current inventory, all current tables, shelves, etc, and a huge backroom antique mall space, together with a huge, established customer base.

 Sounds Great Recycled Music located in Winter Park

Dan went on to explain more about the opportunity, commenting, "I currently have the space set up as my "discount" or "outlet" location. All LP's are currently priced at $9.00 each. We also have lots of 45's and CD's. This location has been very lucrative but has the potential of being a real money maker. With just a little effort someone could do some organizing and bring in pricier items and really have a gold mine. I now live out of state and it is just getting too hard for me to manage from afar. My loss could be your gain."

Your outgoings would include rent, which is $660 per month plus 10% of sales, but for that, they mall handles all sales transactions including credit card payments, paying sales tax, advertising, etc.

Dan went on to say that, "Sales have been averaging over $2000 per month for the past few years. However, that was at $7 each for LP's. Prices were recently raised to $9 each."

Dan is asking for $45,000 for this turnkey opportunity.

If yo are seriously interested in the business, you can call Dan direct at 407-920-3962.

 Sounds Great Recycled Music located in Winter Park

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