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You Better Watch Out, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town To Give You Nightmares!

Santa Claus is coming to town, but he's not looking for nice childres this year...

Tales Of Terror: Holiday Edition is a uniquely twisted and highly interactive horror-themed attraction in Orlando, that will host a haunted holiday event this weekend only!

Featuring a North Pole-inspired trail, food and merchandise , handcrafted cocktails, and lots of spooky entertainment.

Trust us, you won’t want to miss this terrifyingly scary Christmastime happening.

Tales Of Terror: Holiday Edition Orlando

Guests can immerse themselves into a Christmas horror wonderland and enjoy spooky vendors, food, & photo ops.

This is happening this weekend only, on Friday December 9, Saturday December 10, and Sunday December 11, 2022, so if you wanna endure a holiday nightmare this Christmas, and why not? Then you better get yourself booked in now for the most grotesquely awful fun you'll have this Christmas!!

The gates open at 6.30 pm, with the holiday haunting happening from 7.30 pm.

Tales Of Terror: Holiday Edition Orlando

Twas two weeks before christmas, in a quaint family home

The children were huddled over a massive christmas tome

They dreamed of the whimsy, the magic, and joy

Of happy elves making gifts, and shiny new toys.

“I want it now!” one of them whined

“If only there were a way we could speed up the time!”

“What if instead, we could bring santa here?

Bring him with all of his toys, elves, and deer?”

They went to the web and found a dark funny site,

It told of a ritual that could answer their plight.

They drew weird drawings with crayons with care

They spoke foreign words, and cut off their hair.

They burned smelly things, and thought of their dreams

And eventually reality began to tear at its seams.

“We did it they cheered” Eyes full of light,

But as the rip grew in size, something was not right.

Santa’s laugh filled the air, oddly inverted,

The twisted shadows of elves appeared strangely perverted.

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse,

For evil was summoned into their small house.

Tales Of Terror: Holiday Edition Orlando


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