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UPDATE: Orlando International Airport Could Run Out Of Fuel Tonight

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

As we reported earlier today, Orlando International Airport is running low on jet fuel, meaning passengers could face delays, cancelations, or additional fuel stops to and from the airport in the coming days.

This morning, Sunday December 11, Orlando International Airport shared an operations update regarding jet fuel shortages that may affect passengers in the coming days.

Officials said their reserve fuel supply is lower than normal, and airline pilots flying in are being asked to top off their tanks before heading to MCO.

The Federal Aviation Administration has also issued a warning to pilots that Orlando International Airport (MCO) is running low on fuel.

In an official notice, the agency said that the airport could continue having supply issues through about 7 p.m. Tuesday, and suggests that airlines should be prepared to operate flights into the airport with enough fuel on board to fly back out.

Major airports usually have several days’ worth of fuel on site, so it appears that service over the next few days at MCO is going to be severely tested in the coming days.

Flights will become longer, with the extra stop for fuel before or after MCO, and means that some customers will miss onward connections. Some may have to be cancelled, as well, due to crew legality – crew would be working more hours than they’re permitted.

Orlando international Airport Fuel Shortage

Some carriers are already making adjustments to their operations as a result, and at least one has issued a waiver for travelers heading to and from Orlando.

Airlines making adjustments at MCO

United Airlines:

United Airlines said in a statement that some of its flights will be adding extra stops for refueling.

Delta Air Lines:

Delta Air Lines has not published any flight changes, but it is offering passengers traveling to or from MCO the option of rescheduling their flights for later in the week.

Travelers booked on Delta at MCO on Monday or Tuesday can move their flight to Friday or sooner without paying a change fee or fare difference.

American Airlines:

American is planning for tankering fuel, using Miami for westbound lfights and Atlanta, Charlotte, and Jacksonville for flights to the Northeast and Chicago.

British Airways:

British Airways may have to add a refuelling stop in Miami after takeoff from MCO before flying across the Atlantic to the UK.

The official advice is to check with your airline for the latest update before flying.

Why Is There A Fuel Shortage At MCO?

MCO say that weather issues along the Gulf Coast had prevented reserve supply delivery of jet fuel to the airport.

The airport reports that the weather has lifted and ships have departed, but are warning passengers that flight disruptions may occur over the next few days until Tuesday, December 13.

They said international flights may also have to make refueling stops on their way to or from the airport, while this is happening.

Orlando international Airport Fuel Shortage


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