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SheiKra And Montu Re-Open At Busch Gardens Tampa Bay!

Not one but two fan favorite coasters have re-opened at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay after winter maintenance.

First up is SheiKra, the parks dive coaster, which has re-opened after extensive track work and replacement.

On SheiKra you climb 200 feet to the edge of a 90-degree drop that inches you over the edge, and stops. Then you dive straight down into a 70 mph roller coaster whirlwind with an Immelmann loop, a second dive into an underground tunnel and a splashdown finale.

Also back at Busch Gardens is Montu, an inverted coaster which has re-opened after receiving a new coat of paint, and we must say Montu is looking fabulous with blue track, and yellow supports.

This classic favorites known for its speeds and inversions. You climb high into the air and hold on for a twisting drop, a 60-foot vertical loop, an Immelmann loop and a weightless roll and that's only the beginning on this inverted roller coaster. Montu has seven inversions, an unique Batwing inversion and was the first coaster in the world to incorporate an Immelmann loop (a simultaneous loop and roll), named for a German fighter pilot.


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