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Gator Week returns to Wild Florida with Gator Themed Activities, Demos and Free Admission

It’s no secret that Wild Florida know a thing or two about alligators, and to share this knowledge and passion, the're hosting a one-of-a-kind event centered around one of Florida’s most recognizable, yet misunderstood animals… the American alligator!

Gator Week at Wild Florida

Wild Florida will once again be hosting Gator Week from May 29 – June 3, 2023,

To many, alligators are simply fierce carnivores on the hunt, but that’s not actually the case. Like many misunderstood creatures, myths develop based on a lack of knowledge. Because of this, Wild Florida are dedicating an entire week to educating and debunking many common myths surrounding these reptiles, along with some of their reptile cousins, through live demonstrations and interactive experiences.

Gator Week at Wild Florida

There will be plenty of fun photo-ops and guest appearances made by some popular inhabitants of the Gator Park.

The best part is everyone who makes a small cash donation to the Wild Florida Scholarship Fun will get FREE admission to ther Gator Park during Gator Week!

Money donated will help graduating Osceola County high school seniors pay for college.

Gator Week at Wild Florida

Highlights of Gator Week at Wild Florida include:

Exotic Animal Show

During Wild Florida's regularly scheduled Exotic Animal Show performances, the’ll focus on different types of crocodilians. For instance, they will bring out a Nile, caiman, albino and regular American alligator. In addition to an educational seminar, the’ll also have alligator calling contests and Q&A trivia.

Gator Feeding Show

Wild Florida will go inside the Gator Pond to find out what the alligator’s favorite food is during a feeding show and see what type of food makes the gators really jump. The’ll also demonstrate the power behind an alligator’s bite by watching them crush melons!

Crusher Show

Crusher is the largest alligator at Wild Florida, weighing close to 1,000 pounds and measuring up to 13 feet long. While you learn more about Crusher and his unique personality, the Croc Squad will demonstrate the different commands he’s learned along with seeing how powerful his bite is with different foods.

For more information on Gator Week check out the official website.

Gator Week at Wild Florida

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