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Bob Iger Only Asked To Return To Disney On Friday With Bob Chapek Finding Out He Was Fired Sunday

The surprise decision late last night to sack Bob Chapek in favour of bringing back retired CEO Bob Iger was shocking news, and came as a surprise to almost everyone, and it seems to Bob Chapek also!

Chapek was relieved of his duties, and Iger brought in with immediate effect as soon as the ammouncement was made late last night.

Now details are emerging of the decision process that brought about the most shocking news from Disney in as many years.

According to a report by CNBC's David Faber, the Disney board only reached out to Bob Iger on Friday to come back to the company after surging concerns following Disney’s most recent quarterly earnings report.

The report suggests that Disney did identify some internal candidates to replace Chapek, but given the difficult position that the company currently finds itself in, candidates beyond Iger were not seriously considered.

It is also reported that Bob Chapek was only informed of the decision shortly before the news was made public on Sunday evening.

The Plot To Sack Bob Chapek & Bring Bob Iger Back As Disney CEO All Happened This Past Weekend


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