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Voice of Bambi, Donnie Dunagan, Visits Disney Fab 50 Character Collection at Walt Disney World

When Donnie Dunagan lent his voice to the iconic character Bambi in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 1942 hit classic “Bambi,” he never dreamed the impact this story of friendship and growing up would have on countless people.

During Donnie’s recent visit to the Walt Disney World Resort during The World’s Most Magical Celebration, he got to see his pals Bambi and Thumper honored as part of the “Disney Fab 50 Character Collection.” Dressed in his best Bambi attire, Donnie felt humbled to see a character he helped bring to life 81 years ago be honored in this way.

“Bambi” continues to be one of the crown jewels from Disney Animation (now celebrating its momentous 100th anniversary this year!) almost 81 years after its release. This coming-of-age story that celebrates the friendships we make in life is still inspiring audiences of all ages.

Donnie’s legacy with The Walt Disney Company began as a young boy spending time with Walt Disney personally. Donnie can recall his walks with Walt through Disneyland park when he was younger and how much Walt enjoyed showing him around the new park he had recently built.

Donnie lived a very accomplished life following the success of “Bambi.” At 18 years old, Donnie joined the United States Marine Corps where he went on to serve four military tours, one in the Korean War and three Vietnam tours. He is a highly decorated veteran as a Medal of Honor Nominee and has earned two Silver Stars, three Bronze Stars and three Purple Heart Awards, among his many other decorations. Donnie never told anyone during his time in the service that he had voiced such a beloved character as Bambi.

Even 81 years later, the making of “Bambi” remains one of the most special parts of Donnie’s life. He feels overwhelmed knowing the film he worked on at just 7 years old is still so beloved to this day. He loves sharing what it was like working with Walt on a film at such a young age and now seeing how “Bambi” has touched so many lives.

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