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The Orlando FreeFall ride that Tyre Sampson fell to his death from, is now listed FOR SALE

The Orlando FreeFall on International Drive that saw 14 year old Tyre Sampson, a tourist visiting Orlando with friends, lose his life while riding the attraction has been listed as sale.

Orlando Free Fall ICON Park Orlando Florida

Tyre Sampson, 14, tragically died during a spring break trip to Orlando on March 24, 2022 when he fell from the Orlando FreeFall ride on International Drive.

The brand new ride had only been in operation for two months when the accident occurred, now following the rides dismantling back in March this year, the ride has now been listed for sale.

The ride is listed for sale on, a website which lists new and used rides and attractions for sale throughout the world.

The listing makes no mention of the rides horrific past, with the description only saying, "The ride is 134m ( 440ft ) and has a capacity for 30 passengers. Tilting seats, rotating gondola and LED lights on the whole structure. Almost new, used only for 2.5 months."

Following the teen's death, the state issued a report, where it said that the operator of the Orlando FreeFall made “manual adjustments to the ride resulting in it being unsafe” and allowed the harness’ restraint opening to be “almost double” of the normal opening range.

“These misadjustments allow the safety lights to illuminate, improperly satisfying the ride’s electronic safety mechanisms that allow the ride to operate even though Mr. Sampson was not properly secured in the seat,”

An autopsy report revealed Tyre Sampson weighed 383 pounds and according to a manual produced by the manufacturer of the ride, Funtime Thrill Rides, the maximum weight allowance for Orlando FreeFall is listed as 286 pounds.

In light of the investigations, lawmakers released a draft proposal to strengthen the state’s safety regulations for amusement park rides, calling for stricter signage requirements, training, safety systems and random inspections.

Work finally begins to remove the Orlando FreeFall following Tyre Sampson's Death last March

Following an agreement with the state back in February this year, the owner and operator of the Orlando FreeFall attraction, Orlando Eagle Drop Slingshot agreed to not operate the Drop Tower anywhere within Florida and will NOT reapply for a permit to do so in the future for this ride or any similar style of ride.

As well as agreeing not to operate the ride in Florida, the owners paid a fine of $250,000 that the state announced on November 22 last year, when it was revealed that the state had filled an administrative complaint alleging multiple violations of Florida law in relation to the tragic death of the teenager Tyre Sampson.

Last year, Orlando Eagle Drop Slingshot stated that they would be dismantling the attraction

following the end of the investigations, and true to their word, the ride was dismantled in March this year.

Orlando FreeFall Drop Tower Ride

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