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Tampa International Airport Receives 65,000 Name Submissions To Name The Big Flamingo!

If you've travelled through Tampa International Airport recently then you will already have seen the big flamingo in the airports Main Terminal, well, you can't really miss it to be honest!

The 21-foot big flamingo, located in the Main Terminal is hard to miss, but he doesn't have a name!

Recently Tampa International Airpot held a contest to name the big flamingo, and now that the contest has ended, Tampa International Airport officials have announced that they have plenty of possible names to choose from for the 21-foot flamingo sculpture – 65,000 options to be exact.

The Name The Flamingo contest closed Tuesday, with airport officials saying they are both excited and overwhelmed at the possibilities.

Tampa International Airport Big Flamingo

While the formal title of the art piece is “HOME,” the artist and TPA agreed the flamingo needs a name – and now we await the winner of the contest to name the flamingo!

The winning name will be revealed on Friday, December 16 on TPA's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Tampa International Airport Name The Big Flamingo

Construction on “HOME” was completed earlier this year, with metal panels and lighting attached to the ceiling as part of the artwork.

This gives the illusion of being underwater while looking up at the flamingo

This iconic sculpture has garnered international attention and was built after being chosen among more than 700 art proposals submitted from around the world.

Tampa International Airport Big Flamingo

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