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SeaWorld announces full terrifying line-up for this year’s horror-filled Howl-O-Scream Orlando

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

The screamiest event of spooky season is happening at SeaWorld Orlando as the after hours event Howl-O-Scream Orlando returns for its third, and biggest year yet!

Howl-O-Scream Orlando

Be prepared for the horrors that awaits you at this years Howl-O-Scream Orlando which is returning to SeaWorld Orlando for its third year.

Howl-O-Scream is back for its third year to fuel your nightmares, returning with ALL-NEW horror-filled houses (FIVE total) and SEVEN scare zones.

This years Howl-O-Scream Orlando will take place select nights from September 8 - October 31, and trust us when we say that its back, bigger and better than ever, and now we know the full line-up for this years event!

Howl-O-Scream Orlando

The Sirens will be at the center of this years event, with guests encountering the evil siren sisters, Frost, Flame, Darkness, Hex and Scratch .

Each siren will be in the high-energy show Siren’s Song, and will feature in many of the houses and scare zones.

Haunted houses this year include Beneath the Ice - The Meltdown, featuring Frost and Flame, Dead Vines: Nawlin’s Nightmare, featuring Hex; and D2LER1UM666 Laboratories, set in an underwater research facility.

Scare zones this year include Blood Light District, featuring Scratch; Carn-EVIL Pier, with demented clowns; and Frozen in Terror: Alive In the Ice.

Read on for the details, if you dare...

 Howl-O-Scream Orlando

Haunted Houses

Hear every bloodcurdling shriek. Feel every spine-tingling terror. Get ready for the haunted houses of SeaWorld’s Howl-O-Scream. There’s no turning back as you brave dark passageways and round dimly lit corners, hoping you can avoid what’s lurking in the depths. The legends are true, the fear is real, and the only way out is through.

NEW! D3LER1UM666 Laboratories

Welcome to the headquarters of a unique mercenary group. An organization established by the government to counter the threat posed by the Sirens and other dangerous sea creatures.

While these creatures are typically unseen in human occupied territories, recent attacks on humans at the surface necessitate a swift resolution.

The public has been invited to tour the facility to gain support and understanding for the cause. Based on the ocean floor, D3LER1UM666 houses countless abstract sea creatures. These dangerous creatures are studied, experimented on, and often tortured.

You will be transported to the bottom by an undersea elevator. Rest assured you will not be alone on your journey. A dedicated task force is in place to oversee your safety. What could possibly go wrong?


From deep in the gator filled Louisiana bayous, through its grand estates with dark backstories, and decaying cemeteries. All the way to the wild antics of Bourbon Street… Your journey through this myriad of horrors will be nothing less than a constant nightmare.

An ominous presence protects this land from those not welcome. You can’t go back, so you must press on forward. Hex has chosen this eclectic location as her home, and you are trespassing. It is said that if you love New Orleans, she’ll have you back… but first you must survive. Mardi On!

NEW! Dead Vines: Nawlins Nightmare

From deep in the gator filled Louisiana bayous, through its grand estates with dark backstories, and decaying cemeteries.

All the way to the wild antics of Bourbon Street… Your journey through this myriad of horrors will be nothing less than a constant nightmare. An ominous presence protects this land from those not welcome. You can’t go back, so you must press on forward.

Hex has chosen this eclectic location as her home, and you are trespassing. It is said that if you love New Orleans, she’ll have you back… but first you must survive. Mardi On!

NEW! Beneath the Ice: The Meltdown

During Frost’s attack on this arctic research facility, the scientists along with a special government task force were able to engage in defense. The battle was fierce, but the Ice Siren was captured and contained. The facility is destroyed and many of the crew have been killed or turned into mindless minions. Frost’s cries for help echoed through the frozen mountains only to be heard by her twin sister Flame who immediately comes to her rescue. The few defenders that are still alive will soon be facing the scorching wrath of the Fire Siren as she burns through the facility to rescue her icy twin.

Captain’s Revenge: Drowned in Darkness

Lifting shanties and tales of untold fortune have lured you aboard this ship. The serenity you once knew has been drowned out by the echoes of howling winds and crashing waves.

Darkness is here… and this vessel belongs to her vengeance. You may just find yourself a permanent part of this crew, driven mad by cursed treasure and doomed to face the fury of the sea while sailing endlessly to an infinite horizon. Your ship has definitely not come in.

Blood Beckoning

A neglected and ignored borough forgotten by the society that surrounds it. Crumbling buildings and darkened alley ways reek of death and decay.

A place where the less fortunate, sick, and homeless are sent to live their remaining days out of sight and mind. Once worshipped immortals, now shunned, and forced to join the rotting scourge feed on the blood of the lost in this distressed urban kingdom.

Once you enter this decrepit realm; beware of the corners you turn and the shadows you cross. The only way out is through the beating heart of the condemned district. Her name is Scratch, and beauty is in her blood. Whose blood is running through her veins? Could it be yours?

Howl-O-Scream Orlando

Scare Zones & Roaming Haunts

There are no safe zones. There are no places to hide. The scares are everywhere, and the roaming haunts never weaken. Get ready for immersive terror at every turn during SeaWorld’s Howl-O-Scream. Stay alert and be prepared for anything, because you never know what’s waiting up ahead (or creeping up behind you).

NEW! Blood Light District

Those who walk the streets of this borough will tempt your deepest desires. You can fight their beckoning, but you will not win. Do not be fooled by their beauty and lust. Stay too long and you will be forever bound by blood.

NEW! Toxic Turmoil

A toxic catastrophe has caused this hidden chemical landfill to be overcome by mutated creatures, humans, and plant life. Your only chance is to make it to the exit at the other end of the yard. Be careful where you step, not everything is as it seems.

NEW! CarnEvil Pier

The freaks, sinister Barkers, and demented clowns that inhabit the Carn-Evil Pier welcome you to stay a while. Have a drink and a snack. You can even try your luck at the games… but beware, if you lose, your soul belongs to the pier.

NEW! Portal of Passage

Welcome to Portal of Passage. We invite you to meet some of Howl-O Scream’s most devious inhabitants. Have a drink, catch a performance, and enjoy the atmosphere while you wait for the night to begin. The gates will be opening soon, will you be a spectator, a participant, or a victim?

Frozen Terror - Alive in the Ice

The brutal Arctic conditions are the least of your worries. These will be the most persistent zombies you'll ever meet. Not even the frozen Arctic wasteland can wipe these creatures, so remember that before entering this zone.

Witchcraft Bayou

It’s hazardous to pass through this backwater bayou, but there’s no way around. Voodoo and witchcraft aren’t real, right? Stay alert, or the dark magic will drag you down.

Terrors of the Deep

Out of the dark depths you will encounter a beautiful sunken village filled with remnants and treasures from the surface. These treasures have been claimed by a cursed Pirate crew that will give No Quarter to scallywags and landlubbers.

SeaWorld Orlando Howl-O-Scream

Terrifying Shows

Even amid so much mayhem, the show must go on. Duck inside and be mesmerized by a raucous, high-energy musical dance show. Or witness the outdoor spectacle as the ominous story of the one who has emerged from lake unfolds before you. Or take a break and hear adventure stories from the famed siren hunter, from the horrific to hilarious.

NEW! Cursed Lagoon

What's lurking beneath the surface? See for yourself...if you dare. Located in Forever Pearls.

Siren's Song

The sirens are here to tell their story…and feast on your fears. Don’t miss a moment of this mesmerizing outdoor show.

FAN FAVORITE! Monster Stomp

Prepare yourself for a darkly entertaining, pulse-pounding musical performance starring the one and only Jack the Ripper.

SeaWorld Orlando Howl-O-Scream

Themed Bar Experiences

Howl-O-Scream Orlando will feature several themed specialty bars serving delicious cocktails including the signature drink The Siren’s Kiss.

Delicious food will also be on offer, including the Vampire Burger, Bloody Rids, Dead Flesh, and more.

NEW! CarnEvil Curiosities

Step right up to a world of wonder and evil. Don’t be fooled by the unknowing wanderers who make their way to this specialty bar. The carnival magic is contagious, don’t let it infect you.

Longshoremen Tavern

This year, there be a new tavern in port where pirates warm their bellies with flamin’ rum. You might hear tales of mythical monsters and intrepid adventurers. You might discover an old SeaWorld treasure that’s been (partially) resurrected. Take a break from the sirens and squalls and plant your weary hides here. The Longshoremen are dying to entertain you.


This is one place where a cold frosty one is a good thing. Take refuge from the wintry terrors of the Arctic hellscape outside and do a little refueling here. If you’re feeling mischievous, you can even join in and frighten your fellow expeditioners while they’re braving the horrors beneath the ice. How’s that for refreshing?

Poison Grotto

What’s your poison? Unwind with a refreshing concoction and explore the enticing atmosphere of this unearthly lounge. It’s a fleeting escape from the deadly vines and savage servants nearby. Just be sure to keep your eyes open and pay proper respect to the one who lured you in. You’re her guest here, and she’s always watching.

Sirens' Last Call

Creatures of the shadows need a place to play too. Could it be this rusted-out underground warehouse? Glance around and do your best to blend in. The regulars here are devoted followers of the sirens, and they know how to spot an outsider. Be sure to pay homage to them by trying the bar’s signature drink, “The Siren’s Kiss.”

SeaWorld Orlando Howl-O-Scream

Rides & Experiences

Have you ever ridden your favorite attraction in the dark? It wouldn’t be a SeaWorld visit without a ride or two, but it wouldn’t be Howl-O-Scream without a dose of nighttime terror. Meanwhile, sinister interactive surprises await at your favorite bar haunts. After nightfall, every moment of fun comes with a splash of fear.

One of the best ways for guests to experience Howl-O-Scream is with SeaWorld Orlando’s Monster Sale offering 40% off.

From now until August 20, guests can purchase a general admission ticket to Howl-O-Scream for only $37.99. Annual Pass Members can get even bigger discounts with ticket prices as low as $32.99!

Plus, guests can now scream their way through every night with the unlimited admission ticket starting as low as $104.99 without blackout dates.

For more information on Howl-O-Scream and to purchase tickets and add-ons, click here.

Howl-O-Scream Orlando

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