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Blizzard Beach Water Park At Walt Disney World Could Be Re-Opening Early November

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

It feels like forever since Blizzard Beach water park at Walt Disney World has been open, and while it was looking like we might have a long wait into 2023, we finally have some news that it may be re-opening much sooner.

Initially it was thought we were having to wait until 2023 to visit Blizzard Beach, but last week it was rumoured that Blizzard Beach. would be re-opening on October 30 this year.

This was based on the fact that Disney's Typhoon Lagoon didn't have any scheduled hours of operation past October 30, and it was expected that Typhoon Lagoon would close for its annual maintenance at that point, which is why the rumours that Blizzard Beach would reopen on October 30 was widely reported.

However, now on the Walt Disney World calendar, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon is scheduled to open until Saturday November 5, so it appears that the reopening of Blizzard Beach has been pushed back to Sunday November 6, at the very earliest.

Blizzard Beach Water Park Walt Disney World

Screamscape reporting that according to sources the reopening date for Blizzard Beach is going to be pushed back a week or two in order to finish up a few projects and repair the damage that was caused by Hurricane Ian.

When Blizzard Beach does re-open, it will be interesting to see if the speculating that improvements have been made to one of the water play areas, Tike's Peak, including the addition of characters including Olaf.

Plus it's believed that the rumored plan to add a raft conveyor for the three Red Slope’s Runoff Rapids slides at the back of the park has been completed.

We can only wait and see if the popular Blizzard Beach does actually re-open in November.

Blizzard Beach Water Park Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World's water parks have been impacted ever since the COVID closure in 2020, with only one water park operating at a time since reopening.

Disney's Blizzard Beach reopened on March 7th 2021, after a near year-long closure due to the pandemic. Blizzard Beach then closed on January 3rd 2022, with Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park reopening after a near two-year closure due to the pandemic.


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