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Price revealed for new TRON Identity Program Custom Action Figure Experience at Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World have revealed the price for the all new retail experience,TRON Identity Program which will launch April 4 in the Tomorrowland Launch Depot, which takes over the space that was previously Tomorrowland Light and Power Co.

Yesterday, Disney revealed that the new TRON Identity Program will offer guests a customizable Program action figure and identity chip that can be used to re-program other merchandise such as the interactive Identity Discs and Remote Control Lightcycles, and now today, we know how much it is going to cost!

TRON Identity Program Experience: $89.99

Read on for full details on the new experience.

The TRON Identity Program

Prepare to enter the Grid through a Grid Digitization Portal located in the new Tomorrowland Launch Depot.

Once inside, you will be able to create an action figure, or Program, that looks and sounds just like you.

How cool does this sound? It's definitely going to be popular!!

Scroll down for more details.

The TRON Identity Program

As a User, you will go through the customization process.

Image Capture will scan your facial features. Then, you’ll select your helmet and body configuration.

Will your Program be an Enforcer or a Combatant? A Scout or a Heavy Sentry? The choice is yours.

Also, don’t forget to select a team color.

Finally, you’ll visit Command Input, where you will record 6 lines of dialogue in your own voice.

You will have 20 minutes to make your selections. Once all of your choices have been made, your Program will be ready for retrieval within 60 minutes.

Be aware that purchase of your Program is required.

Reservations for this interactive experience can be made beginning March 21 by visiting

Pricing has not been revealed for this new retail experience.

The TRON Identity Program

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