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Indulge in the NEW Dairy-Free Decadence Series at Salt & Straw in Disney Springs

Salt & Straw's January menu of new flavors is available now in the popular Salt & Straw scoop shop at Disney Springs.

NEW Dairy-Free Decadence Series at Salt & Straw in Disney Springs

The Disney Spring's scoop shop Salt & Straw has a pretty unique menu featuring 12 regular classic flavors as well as a rotating monthly menu that offers seasonal specials, and January 2024 brings the Dairy-Free Decadence Series.

Salt & Straws Dairy-Free Decadence Series, includes silky red velvet cake, chewy chocolate chip cookies dunked in creamy oat milk, and creamy Bananas Foster with candied pecans.

NEW Dairy-Free Decadence Series at Salt & Straw in Disney Springs

Toasted Oat Milk & Cookies (v)

Start the year by re-indulging in your favorite bedtime snack. Chewy chocolate chip cookies, with just the right amount of crunch, dunked in silky oat milk cream layered with ultra-rich chocolate ganache.

Red Velvet Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting (v)

The ultimate red velvet trifecta includes spongy home baked red velvet cake, sweet coconut cream infused with red velvet batter, and tangy cream cheese frosting.

Bananas Foster w/ Candied Pecans (v)

This is a Bananas Foster reduction with rum, brown sugar and spices, infused into delicate coconut cream.

Marionberry Oatmeal Cobbler (v)

The base is coconut milk and cinnamon for a fresh-baked spices vibe. There's a sweet marionberry filling swirling its way throughout. And bits of pie crust-slash-cobbler topping.

Death By Chocolate Chocolate Cake (v)

A chocolatey upcycled barley milk base feels like magic paired with the rich fudge brownie vibes of caramelized Dutch process cocoa, vegan chocolate cake and vegan chocolate ganache.

Salt & Straw Disney Springs

Salt & Straw Ice Cream is a Portland-based, family-run ice cream company that was founded in 2011 by cousins Kim & Tyler Malek.

Salt & Straw makes unbelievably delicious ice creams that tell the narrative of artisans, meaningful food movements and important social causes.

The company creates unique menus that rotate monthly featuring ice cream that is crafted with unthinkable care and designs a generous store experience that's personalized and welcoming.

Salt & Straw at Disney Springs is open 10 a.m. until 11.30 pm daily, and they even make their own fresh waffle cones in the scoop shop, and before you decide which flavor of ice cream yo want, you can sample the flavors for free!

Find more information at

Salt & Straw Disney Springs

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