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Filming & Photography No Longer Allowed On Space Mountain At The Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World could be about to crack down on guests filming while on rides throughout Walt Disney World.

At all four Walt Disney World theme parks, it's now a regular occurrence to see bloggers, live streamers, and regular guests filming on rides, and it appears to have finally caught the attention of Disney execs.

Up until now, filming on rides has been allowed at Walt Disney World, unlike Universal Orlando across town, which prohibits onboard filming or photography.

Now though it appears things could be about to change, as Walt Disney World have now erected signage at the Magic Kingdom attraction Space Mountain which indicates that guests can no longer film or hold their phones while they ride.

Space Mountain Magic Kingdom

This rule is not just for phones and cameras, the new rule applies to all handheld items, with guests now required to store loose articles in a bag, or the pouch attached to the ride vehicle.

The safety of guests using cameras and phones while on rides is obviously becoming a concern for Walt Disney World, as there has been reports recently of guests dropping cameras and phones while rides are in motion, which could potentially have harmed other guests.

Space Mountain could be the first of many, if not all rides to have this new rule enforced.

Space Mountain Magic Kingdom


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