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Be afraid, Scream-A-Geddon is BACK with Discounted Tickets on sale now, get them if you dare!

If you go down to the woods this spooky season your in for a horrific surprise... Scream-A-Geddon in Dade City is BACK!

Scream-A-Geddon Horror Park Dade City

Spread across 20 acres in a remote corner of Pasco County, the scariest of horror parks, Scream-A-Geddon Horror Park has five haunted houses, a zombie paintball fight and monsters who can and will grab you!

Scream-A-Geddon is only a miserable 1 hour, 30 minute drive from Orlando, and it is so worth it, if you dare....

Details have been revealed for the 2023 spooky season with Scream-A-Geddon returning on Friday, September 8, and running select nights until Saturday, November 4.

Scream-A-Geddon Horror Park Dade City

This years event features the all new haunted house, Breach. Here is the description from Scream-A-Geddon...

After the events of last year, the OmniLabs Corporation had to rethink their future. The decision to cease human testing and switch to “lower risk” organics eliminated the need for several safety protocols.

Plants, insects, and animals were spliced and “re-engineered” to create several super species. At first, the intent was on improving agricultural output, until OmniLabs signed a lucrative contract with the Department of Defense, and started introducing human DNA.

The push for immediate small-scale production of “weapons-grade organic life forms” resulted in cutting nearly every corner and safeguard, and that’s when it all went wrong.

Cross-species contamination resulted in mutations across not only plants, animals and insects, but humans as well.

Enter if you dare, but you may never come out! Sounds awesome, we can't wait to experience the breach!

Scream-A-Geddon Horror Park Dade City

Returning this year is fan favorite's, Rage 3D, Floodwater Bayou, Ravenhill Asylum, Demon's Revenge, and of course it wouldn't be Scream-A-Geddon without Zombie Paintball Assault!!

Also back this year is the Monster Midway featuring food, beer, and games, plus Bono's Beer Garden.

Right now you get your 2023 Scream-A-Geddon tickets NOW and save 17% during Freedom Month!

Scream-A-Geddon Horror Park Dade City

To help celebrate the 2023 season, the horror park is combining Florida’s tax-free month with their own scary special.with a 10% ticket discount with promo code DREAD10 and 7% Freedom Month sales tax savings for a grand total of 17% in savings!

Get your tickets on the official website now, if you dare!!

Scream-A-Geddon Horror Park Dade City

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