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As The Walt Disney World Railroad Returns To Magic Kingdom - Cast Members Welcome Us Aboard

With the welcome news that after a long four year closure, the Watt Disney World Railroad is once again offering grand circle tours of Magic Kingdom, no-one is more delighted that the Cast Members who are overseeing the Walt Disney World Railroad’s historic return.

The Cast Members are delighted to be continuing Walt's legacy at the park.

Walt Disney World Railroad Magic Kingdom Orlando

The man in charge of the Walt Disney World Railroad, John, has spent almost the entirety of his Disney career on Main Street, U.S.A. and he now oversees the operation of the Walt Disney World Railroad!

The enormity of bringing these historical 100-year-old trains back to the Magic Kingdom isn’t lost on him.

Walt Disney World Railroad Magic Kingdom Orlando

“The first time cast members brought the Walter Elias train into Main Street Station, guests and cast gathered below to cheer and welcome the trains home,” John muses. “You can see the excitement on kid’s faces as they see the train coming around the corner for the first time and hear its whistle. It’s magical, and an honor to introduce the next generation to the beauty of steam trains, carrying on my family and Walt’s legacy.”   

It's wonderful to to have the iconic Walt Disney World Railroad return, and the Cast Members would love to welcome you aboard!

Walt Disney World Railroad Magic Kingdom Orlando


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