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All The New Food of The 2023 Florida State Fair including a Cuban Funnel Cake Sandwich!

Among the new foods at the 2023 Florida State Fair are Watermelon Sweet Tea, Mexican Street Corn Sundae, Nacho Mama, and yes, Tampa Cuban Funnel Cake.

All The New Food of The 2023 Florida State Fair

Each year, the Florida State Fair offers visitors its typical assortment of midway rides, games, agricultural exhibits, and events — including Florida's Largest Home Show and the Florida RV Supershow.

What's not typical, however are the array of unique — and some might say bizarre — food offerings.

This year's fair is no exception, includes a twist on a signature Florida dessert, and a dish that combines Tampa's rich history and the yearly staple that's a must for most fair-goers.

Check out all this years new food below!

All The New Food of The 2023 Florida State Fair

The 2023 Florida State Fair runs from February 9 through 20, and boasts the largest Midway in the USA, a robust agricultural program, a circus, interactive animal exhibits and new attractions each year.

As the first State Fair of the year, the Florida State Fair is the first to debut new and all of the unique fair foods visitors have come to know and love. It’s affordable family fun at its best.

Visitors can purchase their tickets in advance on the fair's website along with select Wawa locations.

The 2023 Florida State Fair

All The New Food Of The Florida State Fair For 2023

Walking Nacho Dog

If you're in the mood for a hot dog, this one features a bit of a kick, with jalapeño peppers, chips, and a cheese sauce.

The 2023 Florida State Fair Food Walking Nacho Dog

Mexican Street Corn Sundae

Another Latin take on a typically American dish. It features french fries, but with a Southwestern flavor. The fries are topped with warm Chile con Queso cheese, sweet corn, cilantro lime crema, and topped with Cajun shrimp or sirloin steak.

The 2023 Florida State Fair Food Mexican Sweet Corn Sundae

Fried Key Lime Pie

Key lime purists might struggle with this one. The dessert that Florida helped make famous is served in a cup, along with bits of mini-doughnuts and a graham cracker crumble, and coated with buttercream frosting. If that wasn't sweet enough, throw in a white chocolate topping and whipped cream.

The 2023 Florida State Fair Food Florida Fried Key Lime Pie

Watermelon Sweet Tea

If you need to wash down all of that key lime sweetness, try a sweet tea with a dose of watermelon juice. You can even make it an "Arnold Palmer" by adding some fresh-squeezed lemonade.

The 2023 Florida State Fair Food Watermelon Sweet Tea

Tampa Cuban Funnel Cake Sandwich

It's everything that makes a Tampa Cuban sandwich famous — Spanish pork, smoked ham, Genoa salami, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, and mustard. But instead of being pressed inside Cuban bread, it's assembled with funnel cakes that are pressed and topped with doughnut glaze. Here's your interesting take on sweet and savory.

The 2023 Florida State Fair Food Tampa Cuban Funnel Cake Sandwich

Sweet Potato Apple Pie

Here's another blend of sweet and savory. A baked sweet potato, topped with butter, cinnamon, sugar apples, and whipped cream. (Come to think of it, you may want to put this on your Thanksgiving dessert list).

The 2023 Florida State Fair Food Sweet Potato Apple Pie

Nacho Mama

The name might actually be more interesting than the dish itself. Nacho fans will appreciate the blend of homemade corn tortilla chips topped with tenderloin steak and everything else we love about nachos (including jalapeños, sauteed peppers and onions, green onions, nacho cheese, and ranch dressing).

The 2023 Florida State Fair Food Nacho Mama


If a sweet watermelon tea isn't your thing, perhaps a slushy mix of mangos topped with a sweet tangy syrup, lime tangy salt, and a spicy tamarind stick is more to your liking.

The 2023 Florida State Fair Food Mangonada

Cookie Taco Supreme

One definitely for the sweet-tooth and S'mores fans. A chocolate chip cookie serves as the taco shell and is filled with S'mores ice cream and topped with Oreos and a chocolate dip. And, of course, whipped cream.

The 2023 Florida State Fair Food Cookie Taco Supreme

Cowboy Quesadilla

Another Southwestern influence. This "Texas-sized" quesadilla is filled with barbecue chicken, black beans, corn, and cheese.

The 2023 Florida State Fair Food Cowboy Quesadilla


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