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World’s Tallest Slingshot and Drop Tower Now Open At Icon Park!

You gotta go to I-Drive! The world’s tallest Slingshot and Drop Tower are now open in Orlando’s ICON Park. We love all the attractions at ICON Park including The Wheel and the world's tallest Starflyer!

Now the “Land of Giants” at ICON Park have added two more of the world’s largest attractions to its already impressive lineup... The tallest Slingshot and THE TALLEST Drop Tower!!

The SlingShot Group has created the ‘Land of the Giants’,” said Ritchie Armstrong, the owner of the company. “We now have three world-record-setting attractions at ICON Park – The Orlando StarFlyer, SlingShot, and FreeFall. We’re excited to welcome guests from all over the world and give them the thrill of a lifetime!”

The Orlando FreeFall at ICON Park stands at 430 feet, making it the world’s tallest free-standing drop tower. Thirty riders at a time can embrace the beautiful sites of ICON Park and I-Drive as the ride vehicle rotates around the gigantic tower and rises high into the skyline. Once the ride vehicle reaches the top, it’ll tilt forward 30 degrees and face the ground for a brief moment before free-falling nearly 400 feet at speeds reaching over 75 mph.

The Orlando SlingShot at ICON Park stands at 300 feet, making it the world’s tallest slingshot. The two-tower attraction launches two riders out of an “exploding volcano” approximately 450 feet straight up into the sky, reaching speeds of up to 100 mph.

Tickets for all three of The SlingShot Group’s attractions at ICON Park can be purchased onsite. The Orlando FreeFall and StarFlyer tickets are $12 each, while Orlando Slingshot is $30. Combo packages are available for the attractions ranging from $20 to $50. All prices include sales tax.


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