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Walt Disney World Thank Cast Members For Helping Guests Through Hurricane Ian

This past week we watched as Hurricane Ian loomed large over Florida, here in Central Florida, theme parks and attractions announced temporary closures as they prepared for the arrival of the storm.

Walt Disney World closed it's theme parks for only the ninth time in the resorts history, and now that the parks have fully re-opened, Disney have thanked their incredibly hard working cast members who looked after the thousands of guests who were staying at the resorts hotels throughout the storm.

Ahead of the storm, cast worked together to ready the theme parks and other locations across the resort – from securing outdoor areas, to packing thousands of meal kits for guests staying in our resort hotels and everything in between.

While the storm made its way across Orlando, cast members continued to be there for the guests, keeping spirits high around resorts with special character greetings, movie screenings and recreational activities for everyone.

In a message to cast members, Disney commented "Now that we’ve officially reopened, it’s been so sweet seeing smiles inside our theme parks once again. What makes it even more special is knowing how hard teams worked to clear debris and prepare the parks so we could start spreading some much-needed pixie dust as quickly as possible."

They went on to say thanks "To the hurricane prep & ride out cast and crew members: thank you. We often say that you’re the magic of Walt Disney World Resort, and that statement proved true once again."

For information on Disney’s hurricane relief efforts, visit

Disney even shared pictures from hotel guests who shared these experiences on social media, and recognizing cast members through #CastCompliments.


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