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This Weekend Scare Your Baubles Off At Sir Henry's Haunted Christmas In Plant City

Are you ready for a not so silent night?! Sir Henry's Haunted Christmas event is here to scare your Christmas baubles off!

Tonight, Friday December 16, through Sunday, December 18, Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail in Plant City is hosting a spooky, and really twisted Christmas event that's full of holiday spirit (s)!

Sir Henry’s Haunted Christmas features two terrifying trails, multiple highly-themed escape games, axe throwing, laser tag, and more scarily spooky festive fun than Santa can fit in his sack.

Sir Henry's Haunted Christmas In Plant City

The centerpiece of this years Sir Henry’s Haunted Christmas is two highly-themed and story-driven holiday trails: Slay Bells, and Krampusnacht II.

Once a place of happiness and merriment, the North Pole has become a place of chaos and terror. As more and more children choose to stop believing in Santa Clause, the magic is being slowly drained away. Mr and Mrs Claus have sunk into a dark depression and can’t seem to find the motivation to get out of their cabin. Leaving the North Pole to the elves, who have become insatiable with anger. Who do these kids think they are? After all that Santa has done for them? Well no more, the elves are taking revenge. Lumps of coal are just child’s play compared to the plans these elves have. They are burning down the North Pole and taking all the non-believers with them. Will you survive the horror that now reigns at the North Pole?

Sir Henry's Haunted Christmas Plant City Florida

Krampus is lurking in the halls....Will you escape him this Krampusnacht?!

The Sullivan children are the most spoiled kids in town. Every Christmas, they look down upon the less fortunate and parade their new toys around for all to see, while calling the penniless children names in a cruel fashion. This year, the town’s children have begged and pleaded for Santa to give the Sullivan children lumps of coal, but someone else has heard their pleas. On Christmas Eve, the entitled children wake to strange sounds coming from their living room, and thinking that it’s Santa, they jump out of their beds. Instead, they find that Krampus has come to punish the family. He even brought along his merry band of miscreants to ensure that they learn their lesson. The screams can be heard from miles away, and there is no escape for the Sullivan family. Will Krampus get you, too?

Sir Henry's Haunted Christmas Plant City Florida

The elves have lost it at the North Pole and they are taking their wrath out on anyone who they see fit.

Will you survive the terror of "Slay Bells"?!

Sir Henry's Haunted Christmas Plant City Florida

Lil' Jimmy is back and hungry for blood! See if you can escape his evil bake shop before he cuts you up and bakes you into a cookie!

"Gingerbread Escape" will be one of 2 escape rooms at this years twisted holiday event.

Sir Henry's Haunted Christmas Plant City Florida

Watch out! You never know who will be lurking for you behind a corner at this twisted North Pole!

Sir Henry's Haunted Christmas Plant City Florida


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