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SeaWorld Orlando Tease New Roller Coaster Coming To The Theme Park!

SeaWorld Orlando is wasting no time in building the hype for its brand new roller coaster, as excited speculation is building about the brand new attraction coming to SeaWorld Orlando.

Hot on the heels of the park's latest coaster Ice Breaker, which only opened on February 8th this year, the Orlando theme park has posted an image on social media showing light blue B&M roller coaster track being moved into the theme park.

SeaWorld tweeted the photo together with the caption “Some beautiful palm trees right there…”.

The post comes as construction began several weeks ago on an area just north of Bayside Stadium, with the parks social media team teasing a new 'landscaping project' in the area.

So what do we know about this landscaping project?

Well, the roller coaster tracks that are now on-site at SeaWorld Orlando are for the parks newest roller coaster, Surf Coaster. The coaster is expected to open in 2023 and will be a Bolliger and Mabillard coaster, with whom SeaWorld Orlando already have a great track record with the companies already working together on the popular Manta, Kraken and Mako, which are already at SeaWorld Orlando.

There are several rumors about the actual ride, whether it will be a standing or sit-down roller coaster, but as SeaWorld Orlando haven't confirmed any details of this new Surf Coaster, it's is going to be a much anticipated and speculated on new coaster!

What we do know is that it will be located around the Seven Seas Lagoon towards the entrance to the park.

It's expected that the new Surf Coaster could be a more family friendly coaster that will bridge the gap between the smaller rides and the thrilling coasters such as Kraken, and there are rumors that it may include an inversion.

There was a patent filed for an over the shoulder restraint which is expected to be used on the coaster.

We are unsure if it will be a sit down or stand up coaster but with B&M we are guaranteed a very smooth ride with lot's of air time!

With us just moving to Orlando, we're very excited to be here as this project get's underway, and we will be keeping you up to date as this new coaster at SeaWorld Orlando takes shape.


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