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Rare, Limited Time Chip & Dale Meet And Greet Begins In Tomorrowland At Magic Kingdom

Guests to Walt Disney World can enjoy a very rare meet and greet with Chip & Dale in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom park in their cute space costumes.

Chip & Dad have been temporarily evicted from their regular Storybook Circus meet & greet space due to the distribution of the new Mr. Toad Popcorn Buckets, so for now you can catch Chip & Dale roaming around Tomorrowland as they get up to all sorts of mischief.

We presume Chip & Dale will return to their usual spot in Storybook Circus on November 5th after the popcorn bucket distribution ends.

So if you want to meet Chip & Dale in their Tomorrowland costumes you better be quick, and enjoy the limited time experience.

Rare, Limited Time Chip & Dale Meet & Greet Begin At Tomorrowland In Magic Kingdom


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