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Only Fans Adult Content Creator Flashes Her Breasts On The Walt Disney World Skyliner

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Footage has been posted online showing a female flashing her breasts on the Disney Skyliner, and also airdropping links to porn content in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Female flashes her chest on Disney Skyliner at Walt Disney World

In what appears to be a publicity stunt, a female has posted footage online of herself in Walt Disney World promoting her pornographic content on OnlyFans.

Footage was posted on her TikTok account kateekatdavis0 showing the female on a Syliner gondola lifting her top and flashing her breasts, just as another gondola on the Skyliner was passing in the opposite direction.

Although she did quickly pull her top down as the other gondola passed, it is not clear if any children were in the Skyliner gondola as she was flashed her chest

She also posted footage on Instagram and TikTok claiming to show her airdropping links to her pornographic content, which she claimed was links to free content, again, this could easily have been airdropped to children within the park, if she was actually airdropping any content at all.

Female sends porn links at Walt Disney World


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