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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando shares confidential House Lineup for HHN 32 and it's very scary!

Halloween Horror Nights social media feed has today, April 1, shared a confidential email listing the entire line up of houses for this years event at Universal Studios Florida.

The theme for this years event will be EVERYDAY HORRORS, and will highlight the most scary attractions every built for Halloween Horror Nights, including 1-4 Traffic at 5.15 pm, and

Visiting Family (while single)!

Ok, so of course this is an April Fool's Day joke, but seriously I would rather attend HHN 32 and be scared than sit in I-4 rush hour traffic any day of the week.

Congrats to Universal Orlando for the joke!

Scroll down for the spoof houses!!

Halloween Horror Nights shares confidential House Lineup for HHN 32

The theme of this year is "everyday horrors". You will see what we mean below.

- "I-4 Traffic at 5:15 PM."

Guests will feel transported and trapped into the mundane frustration of their everyday commute and will experience the greatest fear of all: being trapped in your car for 45 minutes contemplating life choices

- "Visiting family (while single)."

Nothing brings more dread, doom, and nerves than your 79 year old grandmother simply not understanding that you're not in a relationship, and asking over and over why you didn't invite your partner over. The only thing scarier than the dread, is her disappointment.

"Those Not Remembered."

Set in a grocery store, you are approached by a friendly face with a look of recognition, as they call out your name. Where do you know them from? Former coworker? Ex-classmate? What if you were even... *shudders* friends? You continue the conversation looking for a way to politely leave but they do NOT get the hint.

- "Post Vacation Horrors".

You're back to work after a nice, relaxing vacation. Your inbox is full, your to-do list is long, and all during lunch you're booking your next vacation, and like, sorta checking the property value of beachfront homes

You can see the original Twitter pst below, Happy April 1st!

Halloween Horror Nights shares confidential House Lineup for HHN 32

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