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Flex Eatss, Tristan Russell is the first "Chef in Residence" at Central Station On Orange Apartments

American Landmark Apartments has named Orlando-based chef and content creator Tristan Russell as its 2023 Artist in Residence here in Orlando.

The program, now entering its fourth year, provides no-cost housing and studio space for up to one year for select artists. In return, grant recipients are asked to implement on-site community art events and educational programs, including classes for adults and children.

Russell, better known as Flex Eatss, began his residency at American Landmark’s Central Station on Orange apartment community located on Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando earlier this year.

Flex Eatss, Tristan Russell is the first "Chef in Residence" at Central Station On Orange Apartments

He is the first Chef in Residence to take part in the program. He will be sharing his expertise in culinary arts with residents of the building by teaching a variety of weekly classes every Monday that include quick and easy weeknight recipes, healthy eating, meal preparation, vegan recipes and more.

Flex Eatss, Tristan Russell is the first "Chef in Residence" at Central Station On Orange Apartments

“I love cooking and being able to relate to people through food,” said Russell. “I didn't know how to cook three years ago, so I want to let people know it’s easy and possible to learn anything.”

Russell is a self-taught chef whose passion for cooking began growing up in a Jamaican household. His West Indian heritage paired with his South Florida upbringing gives his cuisine its own distinct flair and flavor, which he shares with the Orlando community through his own pop-up kitchen.

As the rapid pace of life today makes fast food more common, and home cooking more rare, Russell’s classes provide residents within the community an outlet to develop the skills to expand their knowledge of cooking, giving them the ability to make quick, simple and nutritious meals.

The artist helps build an engaging and positive community, showing residents that cooking can be a fun and easy group activity or a relaxing pastime.

Central Station On Orange Apartments

The Artist in Residence program was founded in 2019 by Rachel Lubeck, who was then joined by fellow Pratt Institute graduate Kristin Culmo.

They have accomplished cost-free housing for 10 artists over the past four years and weekly community classes at four locations in Florida, one in South Carolina and one in Texas. They are expanding their work to include art direction and are excited to offer a wider variety of opportunities for artists in the near future.

Past artists in residence include Sheherazade Thenard (Orlando 2022), Brian B.V. Cooper (Tampa, 2022) Calder Kamin (Fort Worth, 2021), Rose Dunseth (Plantation, 2021), Jacoub Reyes (Plantation, 2022), Austin “Slim” Gee (Tampa, 2021) and Artem Mirolevich (Plantation, 2020)

For more information on the American Landmark Artist in Residence program, visit

Flex Eatss, Tristan Russell is the first "Chef in Residence" at Central Station On Orange Apartments

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