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Wild Surge - Junior Drop Tower Ride permanently closed at Busch Gardens Tampa, Is Kumba next?

Back on November 2 last year we told you that Wid Surge, a Junior Drop Tower Ride at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay was closing for general maintenance on November 28, and at the time it was only scheduled to be closed through December 10, this date came and went and the ride remained closed, while the reopening date on Busch Gardens website was updated to remove the reopening date.

Now it appears that the ride has been removed from the park permanently, with the ride also removed from the digital park map.

In addition, the ride has been removed from the ride list on the parks website, and the rides own individual page has also been removed.

Wild Surge permanently closed at Busch Gardens Tampa

While no announcement has been made by Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, it appears that Wild Surge is gone forever.

Wild Surge is a Junior Drop Tower built by Italian manufacturer Moser's Rides which first opened in the park in April 5, 2008.

In recent years it has suffered from technical issues, and added with low popularity, it seems that Busch Gardens have taken the decision to remove the ride from the Jungala area, the question is what will be coming to the area next?

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Park Map

It's interesting to also note that Kumba has once again been placed on the temporarily closed list.

Kumba which should be celebrating its 30th year at the park this year is on life support, the ride coming to the end of its lifespan, and despite Busch Gardens publicly stating last year that the ride was not closing, we still feel its time is numbered.

It's rumoured that two out the the rides three trains have been condemned, with only one train remaining.

The ride also requires a retrack and we really can't see Busch Gardens investing in this, especially when building a new coaster would have a much bigger impact on gate numbers, but we guess we'll have to wait and see.

Busch Gardens Ride Closure List

Add in Wild Surge closing, and we feel this is connected to what Busch Gardens have in store for the area....

Personally we love Kumba, its an iconic ride and we would be sad to see it go forever, but with the possibility of a brand new coaster coming, that's exciting!

We will keep you updated as always!!

Kumba closing at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

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