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Gatorland celebrates 100 Alligator Rescues with New Celebrity Alligator Walk Of Fame

As iconic Florida attraction, Gatorland celebrates its 75th Anniversary, the 125-acre park is also celebrating the conservation milestone of 100 Alligator Rescues.

Gatorland celebrates 100 Alligator Rescues with New Celebrity Alligator Walk Of Fame

An iconic Florida roadside attraction, and a pioneer and global leader in alligator conservation, Gatorland is celebrating a conservation milestone of 100 alligator rescues with a first-ever Celebrity Alligator Walk Of Fame.

The Walk Of Fame pays tribute ito Gatorland’s groundbreaking actions in 2002 when they worked with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to allow the park to rescue large alligators that had become dangerous to the public.

“We were the pioneers back in 2002 when Chester the American alligator was eating dogs in Tampa. We were able to change the wildlife rules to allow Gatorland to purchase large, nuisance alligators from state trappers and give them a “forever” home in our huge lakes,” explained Mark McHugh, President & CEO of Gatorland. “We are so proud to be global leaders in alligator rescues, conservation, education, and safety. Our new Alligator Walk of Fame is a fun way for our guests to see some of the “celebrity” alligators saved through our conservation programs with Gatorland Global.”

Celebrity alligators featured in the Gatorland Alligator Walk of Fame include Larry, rescued in the Villages in 2019 after a lot of people were feeding him and made him too comfortable with humans. All the trapper had to do was call his name and he walked up to him.

Turnpike was found on the Florida Turnpike in 2020. He lost a leg crossing the highway.

Bogey was found on a Florida golf course in 2020. He added new meaning to “play your ball where it lies.” Terminator was discoveres in Fellsmere, Florida in 2021. He hung out at a boat ramp where people wouldn’t stop feeding him.

Winchester was rescued as he wandering backyards in Mulberry, Trappers noticed he had been shot twice. Jawlene one of the most recent rescues, has a missing top jaw, who was found in Sanford, after a lady snapped a photo of her went viral. She beat the odds of survival and is now thriving at Gatorland.

Gatorland celebrates 100 Alligator Rescues with New Celebrity Alligator Walk Of Fame

The Walk Of Fame joins the other iconic experiences you can only find at Gatorland, which include the Historic Gator Mouth Entrance for that one-of-a-kind selfie, the Gator Jumparoo Show, Adventure Hour Giant Alligator Feeding, Screamin’ Gator Zipline zooming over alligators and crocodiles – voted Best Zipline in the USA by AOL Travel, Stompin’ Gator Off-Road Adventure, White Gator Marsh with albino and rare leucistic alligators, Baby Gator Marsh, Alligator Breeding Marsh Observation Tower, and Capybara Encounter on Flamingo Island.

For more on Gatorlan, visit or call 800-393-JAWS.

Gatorland celebrates 100 Alligator Rescues with New Celebrity Alligator Walk Of Fame

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