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EXODUS are kicking off The Battle of '24 with Havok, Candy and Dead Heat in Tampa and Orlando

Legendary thrash band Exodus are heading back out on the road later this year for the headlining ‘Battle of ’24 Tour’ with support from Havok, Candy, and Dead Heat.

EXODUS are kicking off The Battle of '24 with Havok, Candy and Dead Heat in Tampa and Orlando

Thrash legends Exodus have announced that for the first time in a number of years, they are heading out on the open road.

The headlining North American trek will see the band joined by thrashers Havok and Dead Heat, together with hardcore band Candy.

“Exodus are super stoked to announce ‘The Battle of ’24’, our tour with Havok, Candy, and Dead Heat,” says guitarist Gary Holt. “This tour will be raging, and this is our first headlining tour in many years, so we’re excited to dig out some deep cuts as well as play some more songs off of Persona Non Grata. Let the battle begin!”

The tour will kick off on November 2 in Tampa, with the band taking to the stage at The Orpheum, before making the short drive to Orlando, performing at House of Blues, Orlando, on November 4.

Following this, the tour will hit venues in key cities, including Dallas, Baltimore, Toronto, Montreal, and Seattle, beofe wrapping up on December 7 in Los Angeles.

Tickets for the Orlando show are on sale now. Get tickets now via Live Nation.

The formation of EXODUS began in Richmond California 1979, with original members, Tom Hunting, Kirk Hammett, Tim Agnello, and Keith Stewart covering classic rock, punk rock, and Iron Maiden songs at backyard birthday parties. The less technologically inclined, music sharing, tape trading ways of the 70’s were still in full force and it was this striving for the acquisition of new sound that fiercely fueled the band’s tenacity to learn, play, and eventually write.

Currently, the EXODUS lineup is comprised of: Tom Hunting on Drums, Gary Holt on Guitar, Lee Altus on Guitar, Jack Gibson on Bass, and Steve “Zetro” Souza as lead vocalist.

With Holt just finishing up his world famous final run with SLAYER, the supportive network of friends and musicians that is EXODUS patiently await fully re-submerging themselves into a new record.

With new ideas and riffs already in the works, not only can these masters of metal assure us upcoming new music, but an abundance of world-wide touring is inevitable. “I can’t tell you how long it’ll go on,” says Hunting, “the fuse is definitely shorter. We’re obviously closer to where it ends than where it started… but we’ll take it one record at a time. As long as we feel good about what we’re doing, there’s good things happening right now in this genre of music, and we want to be a part of that. A lot of bands want to retire but that’s not us. The potential for our next record could be career defining. We’re taking our time and not rushing any songs.”

Heavy Metal will forever be one of the more niche genres in the music industry. Longevity is the key here; to have reigned for over 40 years and created 10 unique, game changing, full length albums amidst the even smaller bailiwick of Thrash Metal. EXODUS not only remain unwavering in their delivery, but in their strength and progression as a successful and unique sonic endeavour that make your every bone rattle and your blood churn in the best of ways.

EXODUS are kicking off The Battle of '24 with Havok, Candy and Dead Heat in Tampa and Orlando

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