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English duo Dan and Phil to bring massive "Terrible Influence Tour" to Hard Rock Live Orlando

Award-winning duo and all-time internet legends, Dan and Phil are back with their biggest worldwide tour to date, Terrible Influence - a screamingly hilarious brand new stage show coming to Hard Rock Live Orlando.

English duo Dan and Phil announce massive world tour, with the "Terrible Influence Tour" coming to Orlando

DAN AND PHIL are back to heal your inner child and take back what the internet took from them.

In their new screamingly hilarious live stage show - it’s a new era.

They’re older, gayer, Phil’s gone blonde, and nothing is off limits. Expect scandalous stories they couldn’t share before, theatrical plot twists and a savage roast of social media, the fans they raised and most importantly: themselves.

If you need to laugh, feel part of a community, and make peace with the past - don’t regret missing Dan and Phil in real life... before Dan has another breakdown and disappears.

This hilarious brand new stage show is coming to Hard Rock Live Orlando on Sunday, November 17, 2024.

Tickets are on sale now! Get tickets via Live Nation.

Since posting their first YouTube video together in 2009, Dan and Phil have gone on to conquer the globe. Racking up BILLIONS of views, millions of followers around the world and smashing records in every field: from online comedy videos, to international #1 bestselling books, sold out world tours, award winning radio shows and even chart topping charity singles and board games.

Their legendary chemistry together has kept people laughing as they do everything from comedy skits, to (unsuccessful) baking, gaming and pop culture commentary. Dan and Phil were a part of what created social media culture as we know it today, and are on a pantheon of all-time internet-breaking fandoms whose influence can only be matched by some of the biggest music artists and movies ever made.


The stories of their lives are cult legends - from meeting online, to moving in together and taking over the world. In 2018, they infamously went on ‘hiatus’ citing a need to take a step out of the spotlight for personal reasons, to then both proudly coming out as gay.

Their content hasn’t just provided entertainment over the years, but support and representation for many young people around the world, leading them to become Queer Ambassadors and Dan the acclaimed #1 Mental Health author of You Will Get Through This Night. 

As of 2023, they officially returned to YouTube together kicking off the fan-dubbed ‘Dan and Phil Renaissance’ which has since racked up over 50 million views in only a few months.

Having grown up with (or some would say raised) an entire generation online, in this new era Dan and Phil are celebrating (and roasting) their past, and their occasionally wild audience. Empowered by their growth and newfound authenticity - this time they are back for good, to continue bringing laughter to people’s days.                                                           

English duo Dan and Phil announce massive world tour, with the "Terrible Influence Tour" coming to Orlando

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