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Are You Brave Enough To Enter Mortem Manor In Kissimmee?

Spooky season is great time of the year to be in Orlando especially if your a horror fan!

There is so many spooktacular pop up attractions and special events, but here in Orlando there is an extra horrific place that you can visit any time of the year.

Mortem Manor located in Kissimmee's Old Town is the only year round haunted house in Orlando, and includes live actors, animatronics and state-of-the-art special effects.

Here you can face your fears as you venture through two floors of an old Victorian themed haunted house, so scary that the attraction has been named one of the scariest haunted houses in America by the Travel Channel.

Mortem Manor In Kissimmee

Mortem Manor is a truly horrific (in the best way possible) haunted attraction filled with tons of scares, thrills, and chills.

The two-floor haunted house is a mix of actor and animatronic jump scares that quite frankly scares the heck out of visitors, with its dark tableaux and unexpected frights.

Tickets are $18 plus tax per person. The Mortem Manor haunted house is open year round.

Mortem Manor In Kissimmee

Mortem Manor also has a unique added attraction, the Last Ride Burial Simulator!

This one-of-a-kind attraction will leave you alone in the dark to your final resting place, hear the sounds, feel the movements and smell the scents of being BURIED ALIVE!

The "Last Ride" burial simulator is a personal, solo, extreme horror experience that will test all of your senses. "Last Ride" will take you on an extreme journey ending in your final resting place. You will be placed on your back in our coffin and sealed into TOTAL DARKNESS.

You hear the sounds...feel the movements...smell the roses, dirt and ultimately your decay.

Mortem Manor In Kissimmee

Mortem Manor even has a horror shop, the horror themed Post Mortem Bootique is right next door to the haunted house, and is a must visit for horror fans.

The Post Mortem Boutique covers all your horror needs including officially licensed masks from your favorite horror movies to apparel that fits your inner dark spooky side, the Post Mortem Bootique has it all.

Post Mortem Bootique Old Town Kissimmee

Mortem Manor and the horror themed Post Mortem Bootique next door are a must visit for horror fans.

Mortem Manor In Kissimmee


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