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World's Longest Car Drives Into Orlando's Dezerland!

The American Dream is the world's longest car, and it's the only car in world where you can take it for a spin, then lounge in its swimming pool, land on its helipad and golf on its putting green!

The newly restored car, built out of six 1976 Cadillac Eldorado limos, is a showstopper with 26 wheels and space for up to 75 people and has driven into Dezerland Park Orlando's Auto Museum here in Orlando!

The American Dream first rose to fame in the late 1980s, when it was first assembled by Hollywood's favourite car designer Jay Ohrberg. But the limo was so long that it soon became difficult to drive and park, and was left abandoned to rot.

"I found the car about 10 years ago," Mike Manning, president of the automotive teaching museum Autoseum said,

That's when he decided to buy the rusty and long forgotten car, and dreamt of the day he'd bring it back to its former glory.

He started to restore the Caddy with his students at a technical teaching museum, but ran out of money to support the project. Then the museum lost the lease on its space in Nassau County, N.Y.

Manning couldn't find another place to store the American Dream, so he gave it up and listed it on eBay.

In 2019, the owner of Orlando's Dezerland, Michael Dezer bought it, and came up with a plan to pay Manning and his students to complete the restoration process in Orlando, before putting the car on display at Dezerland Park Car Museum and Tourist Attractions.

The American Dream actually broke its own record for longest car in the world.

In 1986, Guinness measured the newly built limo to be 18.28 metres (60 feet). The original designer later extended it to 30.5 metres (or 100 feet) long.

On March 1 this year, Guinness recertified the renovated ride at a length of 30.54 metres, just under four centimetres longer than its first record.


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