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What's New and Coming to Universal Orlando Resort in 2024

There is always something new to discover inOrlando's Theme Parks, and in 2024, there is a ton of new additions coming to Universal Orlando Resort!

What's New at Universal Orlando Resort in 2024

It's no secret that Orlando has the best theme parks in the world, and there is always something new and exciting to experience, from the latest rides and attractions to new restaurants, entertainment, and hotels, and the great news is that 2024 is no exception, especially at Universal Orlando Resort.

The big highlight at Universal Orlando Resort is a brand new land opening in 2024 based on the beloved characters from Dreamworks Animation, and just a little further out, in 2025, Universal will be opening a brand new theme park, Epic Universe!

Of course, timelines are subject to change, but as of right now, visitors, and locals alike, will have lots of new experiences to look forward to enjoying in 2024, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

Illuminations Minion Land at Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando Resort

Ever since a boy wizard called Harry Potter first arrived at Universal Orlando Resort, and practically transformed Universal into one of most popular destintations in the world, Universal Orlando has been busy adding new attractions and experiences year on year.

In 2023 alone, Universal opened an entirely new land at Universal Studios Florida based on the Minions. Minions Land features a brand new attraction, Illuminations Villain Con Minion Blast, togther with a quick-serve restaurant, meet-and-greets, and more.

Looking forward to 2024 and beyond, Universal will be opening new attractions, new lands, and even a brand new theme park!

The Colorful World of DreamWorks Animation coming to Universal Studios Florida in 2024

Dreamworks Animation Land

In 2024, Universal Orlando Resort will debut an all-new themed land featuring DreamWorks Animation’s animated characters.

The colourful new DreamWorks Animation land will include favorite characters like Gabby from Gabby’s Dollhouse and themed, interactive play spaces and attractions that will feature popular franchises like Shrek, Trolls and Kung Fu Panda.

The land will include a new swamp home for Shrek and Donkey, and a roller-coaster inspired by Trolls.

With the new land taking over the previous home of Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone, the new Trolls coaster is a re-theme of the Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster that was in the previous land.

The new DreamWorks land, coming to Universal Studios Florida, is already under construction at Universal Studios Florida, and will debut at Universal Orlando Resort in 2024.

Epic Universe

The epic news from Universal is that in 2025 they will open an entirely new theme park, Universal Epic Universe!

The currently under-construction Universal Epic Universe was first announced in August 2019, with an original opening set for summer 2023, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic work on the park was delayed, and is now scheduled to open in Summer 2025.

Universal Epic Universe is located a few miles south-east from the existing Universal Orlando Resort, within a huge 750-acre site south of Sand Lake Road and east of Universal Boulevard.

Epic Universe will use a hub-and-spoke format, consisting of four themed lands that will be entered from a central hub, with each land featuring a uniquely-themed gateway. The themed lands will be, in clockwise order from entry, Super Nintendo World (confirmed), Dark Universe, tthemed to Universal Classic Monsters (un-confirmed), Fantastic Beasts, an expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, (un-confirmed), and a land themed to the Isle of Berk from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, (un-confirmed).

While Super Nintendo World is the only land so far confirmed by Universal Orlando, thanks to permits filed witth Orange County, the majority of the details are widely know.

Super Nintendo World

So far the only confirmed land in Epic Universe, Super Nintendo World will allow guests to ride Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, grab something to eat at Toadstool Café and use their power-up bands in various areas around the new land. Larger thean the Hollywood version of the land, it will be bigger, and even more immersive, featuring three immersive rides.

First up will be Yoshi's Adventure, which is a family dark ride featuring characters from the Yoshi's Island series of games. In addition to the indoor segments, the ride will include outdoor segments, giving guests a great overview of the land. There will be a game element to this attraction with guests able to press tcolorful egg buttons on the ride vehicle to complete a mission for Captain Toad.

This upcoming land will also feature a first of its kind roller coaster themed to Donkey Kong and will feature a unique ride system that makes it look like riders are jumping off the tracks, just like in the Donkey Kong games. This new ride concept is completely unique and uses a hidden roller coaster track that connects to ride vehicles via a boom arm. Because the actual ride track can't be seen and the track that guests see under their ride vehicle is just for show, the ride vehicle can be made to look like it is "jumping" from track to track.

The third ride in the land will be Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, an augmented reality dark ride that is primarily based on the Mario Kart 8 video game.

Dark Universe

Dark Universe will be theamed to Universal's classic monstersm including Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, and more. Guests will enter the land through a portal themed with imposing rocks, tree roots, and large vines. Once guests walk through the portal they will walk under a broken bridge before entering a Transylvania style European village.

The land will feature two dining locations, and a large retail location. The lands main attraction will an indoor ride with a similar ride system to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. The show building is believed to be inspired by the Château Miranda in Belgium. This headline ride will feature Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy, Wolfman, Hunchback, Creature from the Black Lagoon. The lands second attraction will be a Mack family spinning coaster themed to Wolfman.

Fantastic Beasts

This new Harry Potter land will be set within the city of Paris as presented in the prequel Fantastic Beasts film franchise. Guests will enter the land through a portal designed to resemble the Porte Saint-Denis arch, and find stores similar to those featured in the other Harry Potter lands.

In terms of attractions, the land will feature a theater show that will take place within the Circus Arcanus circus tent, rumored to include wand duels and perhaps some audience interaction.

The lands main attraction, and one of the park’s headliners, will take place inside the British Ministry of Magic as seen in the original Potter books and films. Once inside the Ministry of Magic, guests will be transported from Paris to London through the magical Floo Network transportation system. Once they arrive, they’ll be whisked onto magic elevators (similar to the vehicle ride system used on The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and Transformers rides) and taken on an adventure featuring Professor Dolores Umbridge as its primary villain.

How to Train Your Dragon

The How to Train Your Dragon land will be dominated by a huge Intamin multi-launch steel roller coaster encircling the land. Once guests enter the portal into this land they will find themselves inside the Isle of Berk after the events of the first film, you will see two large statues and Viking boats in a large lagoon. In addition to the coaster, there will be a twin Gerstlauer Sky Fly ride where riders will be able to control how thrilling their ride will be. Using a lever attached to their seat, riders can decide whether they want to rotate their seat.

A third ride in the land is an interactive boat ride manufactured by Mack Rides, the ride will allow riders to fire water cannons as the boats float around the ride path. This large land will also include a theater show featuring live actors and puppets.

Rounding out the land will be retail locations, and an upscale dining location, together with a quick-serve location.

Universal Stella Nova & Terra Luna Resorts

Universal Stella Nova & Terra Luna Resorts

As part of the brand new Epic Universe, Universal is also constructing three hotels, two of these hotels are located just off Universal Blvd: Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort.

Both hotels will open ahead of the new theme park, with Universal Stella Nova Resort opening first on January 21, 2025, with Universal Terra Luna Resort opening its doors on February 25, 2025.

Both hotels offer 750 guestrooms each, and are co-owned and operated by Loews Hotels & Co. and will fall into the Prime Value category of hotels.

Universal Stella Nova & Terra Luna Resorts

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