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The world's first ever holographic theatre - Verse Orlando is set to open soon in Lake Nona

Verse Orlando is a holographic theatre, located at Boxi Park in Lake Nona. It combines live performances with augmented reality experiences in a dynamic tent system. Audiences can expect a unique and immersive entertainment experience that showcases cutting-edge technology and stunning visuals.

A holographic theatre - Verse Orlando Box Park Lake Nona

Verse Orlando, the world's first Holographic Theater, is set to open at Orlando's Boxi Park in Lake Nona on May 26.

Verse Orlando promises to be a unique entertainment experience when it opens here in Orlando.

Features a fully immersive and interactable augmented reality holographic theatre, Verse Orlando will offer cutting-edge technology and stunning visuals that transport visitors to another world where they can participate in the action.

A holographic theatre - Verse Orlando Box Park Lake Nona

The first interactive experience to be available at the new attraction is The Unreal Garden, a fully immersive holographic experience divided into multiple acts. Visitors explore surreal landscapes, interact with a variety of animals, and complete puzzles and challenges. The interactive elements and unique behaviors of the mythical animals make it unlike any other immersive experience. It's an unforgettable journey that challenges the mind and stimulates the senses.

A holographic theatre - Verse Orlando Box Park Lake Nona

Verse Orlando say that the experience is perfect for families, art fans, gamers, and anyone who loves immersive experiences.

Including artwork by renowned artists Android Jones and Scott Musgrove, the highly anticipated opening follows the milestone of 1 Million Hours Played across the US, a testament to the appeal of the new state-of-the-art entertainment experience offered by Verse Orlando.

Drawing comparisons to Meow Wolf and the Immersive Van Gogh, the show's Producer Ray Kallmeyer is quick to point out how Verse Orlando is unique: "This is NOT like the projectors you see blasting screen savers on the walls of empty warehouses, or the virtual reality demos you see in malls which make your aunt sick", says Ray, "Our unique augmented reality displays provide transformative and magical experiences which make you the main character in an evolving story! This is a brand new technology unlike anything you've seen before!"

A holographic theatre - Verse Orlando Box Park Lake Nona

Verse Orlando utilizes cutting edge augmented reality displays which fill the theater with interactive video-game-like worlds and characters while still allowing you to see and interact with your group.

Step into alternate realities, explore new worlds, and engage with lifelike characters together. Enklu, the company behind the technology, has a mission to bring people together with mixed-reality.

A holographic theatre - Verse Orlando Box Park Lake Nona

"Amazing, mind blowing technology.", said Rob Wallish, Director at Hills School Board, "Great to see the students interacting with it, and to see the smiles on their faces!". Rob experienced Verse Orlando at a recent STEM Fest popup at Orlando Science Center.

Verse Orlando launches at Boxi Park in Lake Nona, Orlando on May 26, for more details and to purchase tickets -

A holographic theatre - Verse Orlando Box Park Lake Nona

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