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Substantial Construction Project Coming To Walt Disney World's Blizzard Beach

A new permit has been filed with the state that reveals some extensive upcoming work coming to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park.

The permit is for a laydown yard in a backstage area of Blizzard Beach, this is where heavy equipment, cranes, vehicles, and construction equipment would be stored during a construction project.

The permit which is called the “Blizzard Beach Laydown Project” shows where cranes would be moved into the area and new fences will be connected to mask the area.

The application details the work that Disney is planning to do to create a laydown yard, but it does not detail what the construction is for.

It’s likely that the work is to support refurbishment of a nearby attraction, or it could be for the addition of a new attraction, although no rumors currently back this up.

At this time, Blizzard beach is currently closed, and Disney has not announced a reopening date.


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