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Sin Bandera, the masters of romantic ballads announce Orlando concert

Sin Bandera is a Mexican-Argentine duo formed in the year 2000, made up of singer and guitarist Leonel García and singer and pianist Noel Schajris.

Sin Bandera, the masters of romantic ballads announce Orlando concert

Sin Bandera’s current US FRECUENCIA TOUR is coming to Orlando, and promises to be an unforgettable experience for the band's fans, featuring a show full of energy, emotion, and musical quality. With their romantic pop style, the band will take their audience on a journey full of hits and unforgettable songs that will make them sing and dance non-stop.

Catch Sin Bandera when they stop off at Amway Center on January 20!

Tickets go on sale Thursday at 10 a.m. For more details, click here.

Sin Bandera is a Latin American music duo known for their romantic pop and ballad songs. The duo was formed in 2000 and consisted of two talented singers and songwriters, Leonel García from Mexico and Noel Schajris from Argentina. Their collaboration resulted in a successful musical partnership that resonated with audiences across the Spanish-speaking world.

Sin Bandera gained widespread recognition with their self-titled debut album, "Sin Bandera," released in 2002. The album featured hit singles like "Entra en Mi Vida" and "Kilómetros," which became staples on Latin music charts. Their heartfelt lyrics and melodic compositions captured the essence of love and relationships, making them beloved among fans of romantic music.

Sin Bandera's music is characterized by its emotive lyrics, harmonious vocals, and timeless appeal. They remain influential figures in the world of Latin pop and continue to be celebrated for their contributions to romantic ballad music.

Sin Bandera, the masters of romantic ballads announce Orlando concert

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