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Orlando Museum of Art set to open new First Of It's Kind Exhibition Featuring NFT’s

The Orlando Museum of Art have announced the opening of its new exhibition, Twentysomethings: Works and NFTs from the Fabio Sandoval Collection.

Twentysomethings NFT Orlando Museum Of Art

Twentysomethings is the first exhibition of its kind in Central Florida, taking place at the Orlando Museum Of Art, the exhibition will feature a range of mediums, including digital NFT works.

The Twentysomethings exhibition opens Saturday, January 27, and will be on view through Sunday, May 7.

This new exhibition at the Orlando Museum Of Art showcases the private collection of a twenty-five-year-old local collector, Fabio Sandoval, who has made the daring choice of embracing NFT collecting from its inception, collecting for the past six years.

The works on display are primarily figurative and span a range of mediums as varied as oil on canvas, spray paint on steel, cement, textile, wood, found objects, and digital NFT works.

Artists in the collection are from diverse ethnic backgrounds and include the work of several rising stars in the NFT community, including former baseball player-turned-NFT artist Micah Johnson.

Twentysomethings NFT Orlando Museum Of Art

NFT artist Mike “Beeple” Winkelman said, NFT has become “the canvas of a living, breathing document that changes over time”.

This is OMA’s first foray into presenting NFTs. It is also the first time the museum will present work from a collector in his twenties, with most of the featured artists also in their twenties.

“As museum curators, it is our responsibility to be aware of new developments in the art world, including what is happening in the metaverse.” OMA curator Coralie Claeysen-Gleyzon said, “NFTs have enabled digital artists to market their work to collectors internationally without the help of so-called ‘gatekeepers’ of the art world, namely museum curators and gallerists. This unfettered relationship between creator and consumer of art is fascinating, as well as the fact that NFTs provide ironclad provenance, a deed of ownership, and provable scarcity to digital artwork.”

You can see the new exhibit at The Orlando Museum of Art, which is open Tuesday through Sunday.

For more information, CLICK HERE.

Twentysomethings NFT Orlando Museum Of Art


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