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OnePulse announces scaled-down museum and memorial in Orlando

As we enter Pride Month here in Orlando, thoughts turn to the anniversary of the tragic night at Pulse on June 12, 2016, when a gunman killed 49 people and wounded 53 more in a mass shooting, and yet seven year on we appear no further forward with a permanent museum and memorial.

OnePulse announces scaled-down museum plans

As we near the seventh anniversary of the Pulse shooting, the onePulse Foundation has sadly announced that it will be scaling back its plans for a permanent museum and memorial to Pulse and those who perished.

This news follows the revelation that the foundation was unable to negotiate the purchase of the former Pulse Nightclub property from its current owners Michael Panaggio, and Rosario and Barbara Poma.

Barbara Poma, the co-owner of Pulse Nightclub and the person who actually launched the foundation back in 2016, stepped down from the foundation back in April.

At the time it was thought that this move was to help push negotiations forward tosell the property to the foundation without any conflict of interest.

Supposedly Poma, together with her husband and their business partner Michael Panaggio, were wanting $2.5 million for the building, but negotiations came to a dead end.

OnePulse Foundation claimed that they had asked the Pomas for the full donation of the Pulse Nightclub property, but an agreement could not be reached.

With negotiations hitting a dead end, the foundations director, Deborah Bowie, shared that the foundation would be looking at alternative locations to build the long-awaited museum and memorial somewhere away from Pulse.

Now Bowie has revealed that the foundation is looking to scale back plans for a massive museum and memorial project, which had an estimated price tag of $100 million.

The Foundation say that they are now looking to scale back the project, either on a lot close to the site, or by converting a warehouse it purchased at 438 W. Kaley Street, into the new museum and memorial.

The foundation is currently considering where to build its memorial now that the Pulse property is no longer available.

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