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New Interactive Exhibit Highlighting the Environment Coming Soon to Orlando Science Center

In nature, everything is connected - air, land, and water, and at the new exhibit at Orlando Science Center - Earth Matters, visitors can explore our changing planet through a different lens, get immersed in incredible ecosystems, and learn how the smallest actions can impact our natural world!

Orlando Science Center -  Earth Matters

If you are interested in exploring our planet and learning more about the different ecosystems surrounding us, a new exhibit at the Orlando Science Center is for you.

Earth Matters is happening at OSC from January 22, 2023 through until April 30, 2023.

Through this stunning, state-of-the-art exhibition you can experience large-scale visualizations of changes taking place in our natural world.

With over a dozen more interactive exhibit pieces, you can dive into the science behind some of the changes we are seeing in our surroundings. See the inner workings of a tree, conduct an experiment to learn how warm, cold, and salty water interact, and find out how much water is used in the production of a single chocolate bar!

As you explore this state-of-the-art exhibition, look out for connections along the way.

Solve complex challenges and push your own ideas to new heights.

Orlando Science Center -  Earth Matters

Earth Matters features the following five zones:


Guests can see the biology behind trees, learn about biodiversity, and understand how to reduce carbon emissions.


In this interactive zone, guests can experience how ecosystems can become damaged over time, all through a 3-D digital lens. But the activity also poses the question of how people can save and preserve Earth.


This part of the exhibition helps children learn ways to make a difference in their backyards with insects and sustainability.

Re-Imagination Zone

People interested in STEM subjects, including science, technology, engineering and math, can design inventions.

Reflection Zone

In this zone, guests are encouraged to think about how they would like to change the natural environment and share it with a cloud.

Orlando Science Center -  Earth Matters

Earth Matters is included in admission to Orlando Science Center, which is FREE for members, $24 for adults, $22 for seniors and students, and $18 for youth (ages 2 – 11).

Tickets include access to all four floors of exhibits, giant-screen and 3D educational films, and live programming.

Orlando Science Center -  Earth Matters

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