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New coaster 'Starfall Racers' at Epic Universe has name changed to 'Stardust Racers' due to Trademark Infringement

Universal Orlando Resort has changed the name of one of its headline new rides at the currently under construction Epic Universe Theme Park due to a legal challenge.

New roller coaster 'Starfall Racers' at Epic Universe Theme Park changed to 'Stardust Racers' due to Trademark Infringement

Before it even opens to the public, one of the star attractions at the currently under construction new Epic Universe Theme Park in Orlando has had a name change.

Due to claims of trademark infringements, Universal Orlando Resort has changed the name of the Mack roller coaster that will be part of Celestial Park, from Starfall Racers to Stardust Racers.

Universal originally submitted a trademark application for Starfall Racers' on March 7, 2023, with the name officially revealed to the public on January 30, 2024.

Earlier this month, Starfall Education Foundation filed a lawsuit in the Colorado District Court, claiming that Universal was using the Starfall name “for "brand misappropriation toward children"

The case was due to be heard during a conference call with both parties on July 30, 2024, but it appears that Universal has taken the decision to change the coasters name before that happens.

A preview center is due to open at Universal CityWalk for the new theme park this June, and Universal are obviously not wanting the risk of having to change the name of the coaster further down the line.

Already all references to 'Starfall Racers' on the Universal Orlando website have been updated to the new name, 'Stardust Racers.'

Manufactured by Mack Rides, the attraction is a dual-launch racing coaster that sends guests rocketing through the skies aboard comets in a race to see who’s the fastest of them all.

Reaching speeds up to 62 mph and heights up to 133 feet along 5,000 feet of track, Stardust Racers will be Epic Universe’s most thrilling coaster experience with unique maneuvers such as the “Celestial Spin,” in which the two coaster vehicles perform an inverted crisscross while speeding through the air – creating an “out-of-this-world” adrenaline rush.

New roller coaster 'Starfall Racers' at Epic Universe Theme Park changed to 'Stardust Racers' due to Trademark Infringement

As construction continues, the countdown is on to the opening of Universal Epic Universe, a game-changer for theme park entertainment, and Universal's most ambitious theme park yet.

Epic Universe will present a level of theme park immersion and innovation that is unmatched – transporting guests to expansive worlds featuring more than 50 awe-inspiring attraction, entertainment, dining and shopping experiences that come together to create an unforgettable adventure that is nothing short of epic.

The addition of Universal Orlando’s fourth theme park will also transform the award-winning resort into a weeklong vacation destination filled with the most compelling experiences imaginable.

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Park map of new Universal Epic Universe opening 2025

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