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It's hot in the city as Orlando experiences it's hottest week EVER!

If you are in Central Florida right now we don't need to tell you just how hot it actually is, and Orlando has just experienced the hottest week on record.

Heatwave in Orlando

This summer has been real hot in the city, and like us if you have been thinking its never been this hot, then your right, because its never been this hot for so many days in a row!

According to News 6, the week between August 7 and August 13 is now on record as being the hottest seven-days on record here in Orlando since records began way back in 1892.

The average temperature in the seven days between Aug.7 and Aug 13. was 88.9 degrees, this breaks the previous average record of 87.4 which was set back in August 1987.

And as the excessive heat continues, we are on course to experience the hottest August ever too! Stay cool out there!!

Orlando heatwave

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