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It's A Boy! Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Announces The Birth Of A White Rhino Calf

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has announced the birth of a baby boy!

Today, Thursday the 13th of October, Busch Gardens introduced the newest (and cutest) addition to the Serengeti, a male southern white rhino calf.

The Tampa Bay theme park announced that the approximately 150-pound calf was born to experienced mother, Kisiri.

Native to eastern and southern Africa, the southern white rhino stands more than six feet at the shoulder and weighs up to 5,000 pounds when fully grown.

Southern white rhino is currently listed at near threatened status by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The recent addition is part of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s participation in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Announces The Birth Of A White Rhino Calf

The new baby will join the crash of rhinos alongside zebra, ostrich, giraffe and several antelope species that reside in the park’s expansive 65-acre Serengeti Plain.

Busch Gardens Tampa want fans to name the new baby boy, and you can vote right now to name the baby rhino on the parks website, the choices are Viazi, Vumbi and Bahati.

The poll is open now and will close on October 21. Busch Gardens Tampa said the baby’s name will be announced on the park’s social channels in the future.

Guests will be able to see the rhino calf within the coming days on the parks Serengeti Plain.

The park’s animal care team said the baby rhino is expected to gain about 100 pounds per month.

If you are interested in experiencing a unique and up-close look at Busch Garden's rhino and other African wildlife, you can participate in Busch Gardens’ award-winning Serengeti Safari tour.

The 30-minute off-road and open-air tour provides guests with the opportunity to hand-feed giraffes and observe exotic animals, including the park’s white rhino.

Busch Gardens Tampa award-winning Serengeti Safari tour


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