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Iron Gwazi Now Officially Open At Busch Gardens Tampa

The highly anticipated Iron Gwazi roller coaster now officially open to the public at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Iron Gwazi, Busch Gardens’ 10th coaster actually finished construction in 2020, but its opening was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Iron Gwazi is Busch Gardens Tampa Bay's 10th coaster, and actually finished construction in 2020, but its opening was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction, the newest addition at Busch Gardens is a wood and steel hybrid coaster design, combining the innovation of a steel coaster and the nostalgia of a wooden coaster.

The original dual-tracked wooden coaster Gwazi was closed back in 2015, RMC was contracted to transfigure Gwazi into a hybrid, using some of the original structure, and yes, while elements of Gwazi, the classic wooden coaster, are integrated into the ride, all-new thrill components and a reimagined track layout take Iron Gwazi to a whole different level.

Iron Gwazi plunges riders from a 206 foot-tall peak into a 91-degree drop and reaching top speeds of 76 miles per hour. Riders on Iron Gwazi will experience a dozen airtime moments, including three inversions, as they sink their teeth into crocodile-inspired thrills.

Standing at a very high 206 feet tall and featuring RMC's innovative Ibox track, Iron Gwazi operates with two trains seating 24 riders, and wow, it's a beautiful sight to behold.

Iron Gwazi is America's tallest hybrid roller coaster, and gives an exhilarating ride while experiencing a 206-foot-tall peak down a 91-degree drop, a dozen airtime moments and a top speed of 76 miles per hour. Additionally, it is composed of more than 4,000 feet of steel track, including three inversions. You really gotta ride this coaster soon!


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