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How Low Will It Go - Arctic Cold Front Arrives In Central Florida Today - Be Prepared!

Winter is coming, and Orlando is going to see it's coldest Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in years, and you better be prepared!

Don't be fooled by this mornings temperatures, by tonight the temperature will have plummeted!

On Saturday and Sunday morning, a freeze will impact most of Central Florida, and it's going to be very cold, so bundle up and be prepared.

An Arctic cold front will send very cold air into Central Florida overnight Friday into Christmas Eve morning. Freeze warnings are in effect for the holiday weekend, and wind chill advisories are also in play with feels like temps between 10-17 degrees.

The cold air is already spilling deeper into the Southern US, after some areas up north have dropped colder than 20 below, with wind chills already dipping below -50 degrees.

It will start fine today, with high temperatures in the mid 60s, then as the cold air arrives and winds pick up, temperatures will drop quickly to the low 50s by the late afternoon and hit the 40s by this evening!

freezing cold Christmas in orlando

Today, before the freezing temperatures arrive, you need to be prepared.

Please, if you have pets, bring them inside!

Prepare plants that stay outside in the cold. Be sure to cover plants with blankets or sheets, not plastic, as it can do more harm than good.

Cover the entire plant or tree right down to the ground which will help keep the warmth.

Make sure to turn your irrigation systems off. That’s really important. You don’t want water to run.

Pools need to be protected from the cold too. with the easiest thing to do to protect your pool when temperatures go below freezing, keep it running. And if you have a pool heater, you could turn that on.

Get ready to wear layers, as temperatures will dip to the 20s and 30s, add to that a cold north to northwest wind, and it will make it feel even colder.

Wearing warm layers will provide better insulation, and don’t forget to protect your ears, face, hands and feet by wearing hats, gloves, a scarf, boots and socks.

Drinking warm liquids will also help your body stay warm during the long nights.

Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day highs will struggle to get out of the 40s. The cold weather eases up by the middle of next week with highs nearing 70 degrees thankfully!

Central Florida Artic Air Weather Map


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